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  1. Hey, Thanx for the answers! I have tried that but i dont like using "real people" in my drawings, than the "ghosted people" looks much better. What do you think about the idea to use the 3d-people tool, and then convert the figure to 3d-polygons?
  2. bcd, Do you have a suggestion what to use instead of 3d custom people? I need people in my drawings, often from different angles.
  3. Hey, I have a very annoying problem. I often use people in my drawings, and the 3d-people custom tool is very slow. Therefor I use figures from "Entourage Figures". But everytime I does that, some parts of the human goes transparent! To fix this I need to open the set attributes panel, render the figure, and then it works. This to takes lots of time when i need to place lots of people. Anyone knows anything about this?
  4. Hey, I'm often use Martin MAC250 beam in my drawings, or lots of spot and wash fixtures. My problem is that i want the light to come from the complete lens, not only one small dot. Otherwize the spot, beam and wash fixtures looks all the same. For example a mac250 beam, the light beam look good 1-2 meters away from the fixtures, here it looks like i want it to look when it leaves the fixtures lens. Is there a way to change the size from where the light come out? Thanx Per Ruben
  5. Ok, I will try that! Thank you Matt!
  6. Why plain transparency on the floor texture?
  7. HI again, and thank you for your answer. =) It made it possible but the problem is that much of the things i want printed on the "floor" is in the bitmap part. Is this somehow convertible to 3d?
  8. Hello Is it possible to convert a PDF-drawing to a 3d-object? I would lika to see a perspective view where the building etc. is built on the drawing. Thank!
  9. Hi Matte, Have you found out another way to do what I'm trying to achieve the image props?
  10. Hey, I'm having problems using image props and lit fog. The area around the human or plant that should NOT be visible, the "white area", is very much visible when using lit fog. See attache image Thanx =)
  11. Did you get the answer? I have the exact same question.


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