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  1. Hello! I have been having some issues when printing my VW files because of the watermark. I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the educational version to a standard version?? And if it is possible, what should i do to have it done. Thanks for your help!
  2. It finally works!!!! I don?t know if it was the version of my OS or that the format of the disk was Case Sensitive!!! When I saw that i just format with a Mac OSX Journaled format and install VW and everything?s OK!!! But this time I also did the installation with a 10.5.6 version of the OSX instead of the 10.5 of the original DVD?s.
  3. Hey!!!! Well I solved the issue for a while, I changed all of the I.P?s of the machines. All manual I.P, it worked fine for like 2 months but today it stopped working. The red light in the dongle is on but for some reason the client machines don?t launch VW, the display a message ?Network Dongle Protection Error: No recognizable network dongle is connected to the network dongle server (HASP License Manager). VectorWorks will now quit.? I verify all of the subnets mask, they are all the same, the i.p are manual and I did another sever but the same thing... HELP!!!!!
  4. i did all of those steps!!!! Apparently the software installation was successful but when I try to launch VW an error window appears saying "The Vectorworks XML Library failed to load, and vectorworks cannot continue. Please Reinstall vectorworks." Do you have any suggestions!! I already reinstall the OS, and try installing with the OS version of the installation DVD that came with my computer, it did?t work!!! Thanks for your post!!!
  5. Someone is erasing and installing the operative system again, so I will start form the beginning. Ok, i was reading the system requirements, I have leopard, I just don?t know what version. What version should I have?? And finally, what should I so first? Install the dongle driver and restart the computer and then install VW??? Please HELP!!!!!
  6. Hey!!! The color of my dongle is purple and my serial number starts with a B. What is my installation process since the first time I installed when I opened the software it gave me an error??? I try to install the software for the second time the same way i did it when i did it with the network license (red dongle) I installed dongle driver and license manager, but when I try to install the drivers after successfully uninstall them I can?t, it shows an error message. What are the steps to make the installation successful??? What can I do to reinstall to dongle drivers successfully since it gives me an error message??? I already tried a new admin user...
  7. HELLO!! I have an issue with my VW 2009 Designer With Renderworks, i have a MacBook With Leopard 2GB RAM and a 2.0Ghz. I once install a VW licence in a network with a network dongle, and first I installed the License Manager Software in the server computer, after that we installed the VW program. But in this case I have just one license with a dongle, so i just installed the VW program and then the dongle support drivers, i was able to see the red light in the dongle but when I tried to run VW it showed me a library error message. I don?t know if I made a mistake in the installation steps, Should I have installed the license manager in the computer first and then the program??? Please I really need your help!!! Thanks
  8. We have a Lab, with 20 iMac 24inch 2.93Ghz, 4GB RAM and 640GB HD, all with Leopard. We have some problems while working with VW Designer 2009. What happens is that while working with all the computers suddenly the server machine stops VW and all of the computers stop working as well. The light in the dongle is on all the time, I don?t know much about networks but all of the subnets mask are the same, I heard that it was not recommend to run VW in the server machine, Is that true?? Is the dongle not working fine?, Should I not run VW in the server machine??? What can I do?? I really need help with this. Thanks
  9. I need to find out if we are using static addressing, I just read some articles about client machines in subnets and that I need to configure the NetHASP.ini File. Honestly I don?t know much about protocols or virtual services, but I?ll try to find out. Thanks!!
  10. Thanks!!! I will ad all the specifications, is just that I was in a hurry so I just made the registration process. Thanks again!!!!!
  11. I just posted about an error with the USB KEY, I don?t have that problem any more but something else came along. We have 20 iMac in the same network, once the VW is working in all of the computers, some of the imacs lose the connection with the key in the network and VW closes. That happen with 10 computers maybe. Is it possible to have to many machines in the same network so that the network crashes???. The VW license is up to 30 machines. I heard that maybe an update can help, I really need and answer or advice. Thanks!!!!
  12. Hi!!!! I have a problem with the usb key of the vectorworks 2009, I?m from Guatemala. We have 20 iMacs connected to the same network, when we first installed the software we choose one computer to install the USB KEY software, it worked ok. But now I connect the Key and the red ligth is ok, but when I launch VECTORWORKS it lounches an error message and it closes. I hope there?s a simple solutions to this problem. Thanks
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