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  1. I'm not sure what you're talking about! I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. I've got 6gb ram, and virtually the only thing installed on the hard drive is the operating system and VW. My VW is a 2 weeks old, version 2009 with service pack 3 installed about 2 days ago. Does that answer your question?
  2. Thanks, I was able to locate the 2nd model using that technique. I was able to update both of them, so I no longer get the prompt telling me the site model is not ready. However, it still prompts me to indicate which site model I want to modify by placing each of the plants, and again asks if I try to move the plant tag. Is that normal?
  3. I have placed shrubs using the poly-edge spaced mode, so there are groups of 20 to 60. When I try to reposition the plant tag I get a dialog box stating "This site model is not ready. Select site model and press update button from object info palette". I am only able to 'find' site model 1 (a grading model I created, and I've updated it). I then get a prompt for each plant in the group asking which site model I want the change to apply to, so it's 20 to 60 times. When I get to the last prompt, the system crashes. Any ideas?
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