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  1. I find a need for VW drawing objects that retain a constant size regardless of the scale of the layer on which they are placed. The only way to resize such "Text Scaled Objects" would be by the manner in which text is sized, that is, by changing its size in points. Such objects could conveniently be mixed with text and would retain their size in proportion to the size of the text. An example would be an elevation triangle or a high water mark which has elevation text adjacent to it. The text and triangle or water mark could be formed into a Text Scaled Symbol which would retain the same size at any scale unless its "Text Size" were changed.
  2. In areas such as mine where only extremely few users of VW exist a free Plotter/Viewer would be useful while encouraging others to become VW users. The Plotter/Viewer would be able to view and plot but not able to modify drawings. Even better if it were able to allow markup of the drawing for return to the original creator.
  3. The ability to rotate VW plots by +/-90 and 180 degree would be most welcome. What is the general feeling?
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