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  1. Is it possible to create corner windows in VW 2008? If so, how.
  2. When I insert a plumbing symbol it is assigned to the "none" class. When I assign it to my "plumbing fixture" class in the "object Info palette" it fails to move to that class. The object info palette indicates it to be assigned to the "plumbing fixture" class, but it actually remains assigned to the "none" class. Help.
  3. Peter, I cannot believe how simple it is to create a site model using your very clear instructions. I tried it and it worked perfectly. Thank you. I echo Yoginathaswami's comment. You are a hero in my book.
  4. I am totally at a loss. I tried Peter's suggestion and Jonathan's instructions so many times and with any variations I could think of to point I am bleary eyed. I experimented on my own ideas by having only the layer on which I drew the new contours (as polygons} visible. Still no luck. Is there anything else I need to check in my settings or could my installation of VW be corrupted. If it is corrupted, how can I know and how can I fix it?
  5. I am trying to work through the Archoncad Bite-Size Training: "Create a Site Model and Site Modifying" and have encountered my first stumbling block. I say first because I anticipate that I will hit many problems before I complete the Training exercise due to the problems I have had that precipitated my purchasing the Training document. I believe I have followed the instructions correctly. I am using the Imperial documents; have imported the survey DWG drawing; traced the contours in sequence form lowest to highest with the 2D polygon tool; and attempted to create the site model. At the point when the Set Elevation dialog box appears, no contour appears to have been selected and the Training instructions state to click the OK button. The box does not contain an OK button. I assume the intent is to click the Next button, which I do and a window appears that ask: "Would you like to delete your original 2D polygon?" Regardless whether I choose No or Yes, a 3D Site Model is not created. This same problem occurred when I attempted to create a Site Model from a survey for my current project. At one time I created a site model by making up contours, but I have no idea what I did differently. I have had other problems with that make believe model so I will probable be posting again in the future.
  6. Thanks for the guidance. I verified that the mode settings are correct and now I am able to insert doors without any problems.
  7. I am using VW 2008 Designer for Mac. Sometimes when I insert a door the wall breaks other times the wall does not break. I am using the door tool from the Building Shell tool set. Help
  8. I would have replied sooner to thank all of you for the help, but I have been away from my computer. After reviewing all three suggestions, I changed my layer settings and the roof settled onto its rightful place on the walls. All now okay. Slowly the light is beginning to shin on my understanding of how 3D works in VectorWorks. Thanks for all of your help. Edward
  9. When I use the create roof command, the roof in 3D appears well above the top of the walls. For example, if in Model Setup, I create a one story building without a basement, select "Use zero for the ground floor", select Default wall height as "Floor to floor", Mod-Floor 0 Elevation shows as 0", set Mod-Floor 0 Ceiling height at 8'-0", and Mod-Roof Elevation at 8"0", then when viewed in 3D the roof is floating about 8'-0" above the top of the wall. If I go back to Model Setup and set the Mod-Roof Elevation at 0", then the 3D view shows the roof floating about 8'-0" above a wall that has no height. Help. Thanks.
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