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  1. msjarch

    Crash Problem

    I guess I solved my own problem...all it took was a clean install of the system software. Back to 12.5 until Monday and a revised 12.5.1
  2. msjarch

    Crash Problem

    Hi, I'm running 12.5.1 on a Mac Mini with OS 10.4.7. When I try to add/change layers the program crashes. It was working until I updated the firmware to the current 1.3f4. Any ideas?
  3. msjarch

    Version 9 to 8 export bug still not fixed

    The problem I have with exporting 9.01 to 8.1 is that multi-line text looses its spacing. I have to go back and edit all the text strings.
  4. As we have under "document preferences", "display" a Use Layer Colors command , likewise a Use Class Colors command would be useful for me.
  5. msjarch

    Non-functioning Plug-ins?

    Solved my own problem and yes I feel stupid... While setting up a new workspace, I deleted some resources that allowed me to do these items. My apologies to NNA.
  6. msjarch

    VWA 9.0.1 Bugs

    Another thing that don't seem to work VW9.0.1 Join (both menu and keyboard)
  7. msjarch

    Non-functioning Plug-ins?

    I have just installed VW 9.01 and am having problems with some plug-ins. All my drafting aids, utilities,engineering properties,find-replace text, and especially select wall type have ...not in Plug-ins folder. I have checked the folder and these plug-ins are in there. Anyone else have the same problems? (mac G4 with os 9.1 and 256 MB Ram)
  8. I whole-heartedly agree. I have recently purchased an upgrade (I'm a Mac guy) plus a new Windows site license for VW Architect for a new employee. The program was to ship last Friday. Now I hear that it won't be til 1st or 2nd week of April. I hope the learning curve will be real short because my deadline hasen't changed. The demo doesn't help much. A full working program would be much better even if it is only VW9.
  9. msjarch

    inserting doors

    Hello? I'm trying to insert a simple door from the palette and I get a version 2 in my object info. How can I insert a version 1 door?
  10. msjarch


    In Vectorworks Architect, my door schedule reflects two doors with the same ID number. Is there anyway to remove one line from the schedule? I tried the old worksheet edit technique but the cells are all somehow linked and when I select one door ID I get the whole column.


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