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  1. As some of old timers in this forum would say, "It would make it easier to help if you would create a signature with your version of Vectorworks including updates and computer specs including OS. Click on the My Stuff link at the top, Edit Profile."
  2. Your opinion counts in my book Ray! Now 1GB sounds like good idea. Thanks Brudgers...but many of just love our Mac so much and going to PC's is just unthinkable. Btw, you can't be too old for a Mac...
  3. Ray, the screen refresh is an important feature that impacts many of us. Are you suggesting that high powered card will make a difference? If yes, where do you draw the line without it being an overkill? Will the cards shipped by Apple serve the need? Thanks
  4. Thanks Brudgers. Thinking about doing the right investment for next three to four years... As Ray mentioned above, technology do move faster than most of us can keep up with. We will go broke if we try to keep up with it every year.
  5. Thank you everyone. Ray, Apple can ship with any one of these two cards. Sounds like one of this will work just fine--from the discussion above. NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 with 512MB of GDDR3 memory, PCI Express 2.0, one Mini DisplayPort, and one dual-link DVI port ATI Radeon HD 4870 with 512MB of GDDR5 memory, PCI Express 2.0, one Mini DisplayPort, and one dual-link DVI port Talking about the processor cores, will VW take advantage of 8 core or that will be an overkill too? I know one can never go wrong with extra memory if ones budget allows.
  6. Aloha everyone, I am wondering if anyone can suggest what would be the best graphic card to buy for MacPro? (That will enhance VW2010 use.) It will be used with Apple's 30" cinema display. Usage will be a lot of 2d drawing but increasing 3D as well with rendering etc. Thank you
  7. Peter, many of us really appreciate the admirable quality of yours (and several others)?always very kind, helping many of us who come to this forum with so many issue! Thank you!
  8. Uncheck the "mouse wheel zooms" check box?Vectorworks/Preferences/Edit
  9. Try again with different font. It may solve the problem.
  10. Thanks Jonathan, I have your Tutorial. I will look at it again.
  11. Is there an option to replace the standard video card on MacBook Pro to make the rendering faster? Thanks
  12. I'd love to see an answers to this question from any one of old timers! Wondering about it myself?only used the Sheet Viewports. Thanks
  13. It would great if the inserted door and window can be nudged!
  14. Thanks Michael, Pat. I will add the request to the wish list.
  15. Hi Pat, since we are talking about door...Do you know (or anyone else) why when I nudge the inserted door the entire wall moves with it? I am wondering if there is a way to nudge the door without messing up the wall's position? Thanks
  16. Okay, I'll check the site in couple days. Looking at yours and others' 3D work on VW Gallery really inspired me improve my 3D skills. In fact, I have one of your submission (library) printout on my office wall to constantly remind and inspire me! Thanks Ray!
  17. Hi Ray, Safari won't save anything when I do the "Save Link As" with right click. I tried with Firefox. Right click? downloads a zip file that is 231 bytes. Clicking on zip file on my desktop doesn't do anything. Firefox also gave the following error when I clicked on the link: − AccessDenied Access Denied 6A98960986B1E66E − W7L8UDJJtfqfjuJ451iXUj4qdYXgIRBITZ0RGEZbOfmx60Vqg9Cr78WPH6gEUc71 Were you able to view it or download the files? Thanks
  18. Aloha, I am trying to view and download the demos available. The files seems to be no longer accessible. http://www.nemetschek.net/3DPowerpack/qtexamples.php Safari giving an error "no permission to read file." Any ideas? Thanks
  19. Aloha, what am I doing wrong to have my image fill disappear on me after converting an object to 3D? For an example the image fill show up fine on a 2D rectangular, but the moment I extrude it, the image disappears?even after rendering it (OpenGL). I experimented this in multiple new files. The attributes pallet show the selected image in it. But the object looks simply white after it was rendered. Any ideas? Thanks
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