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  1. Aloha, Matt: I wanted to do this before...the only way I found was to "ungroup" it. After that your callouts are not longer callouts, but text box with an arrow.
  2. Thank you so much Orso! I will apply the changes in the criteria. I rarely use the worksheets. You have inspired to learn more about it!
  3. You can search this forum, remember seeing it being discussed before. Here is one link http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=104958&Searchpage=1&Main=19195&Words=3DConnexion&Search=true#Post104958
  4. Thank you bcd?for loci and line idea and Peter that is a brilliant idea!
  5. Probably good to contact VW tech support...
  6. Aloha Is there a way to make the other ungrouped roofs visible while editing one segment? It would make the aligning process easier... I have the preferences set to "show other objects while in editing modes" checked. I have to come out editing mode in order to see if I got it right... Thanks
  7. Hi, Orso: I used the worksheet you posted here. It works great for design layers. I couldn't get it to recognize the callouts in the viewports. Am I missing something?
  8. Hi Jonathan, Peter: Is there a way to make the other ungrouped roofs visible while editing one segment? It would make the aligning process easier... I have the preferences set to "show other objects while in editing modes" checked.
  9. Aloha, as a Mac user I was following this topic and the topic instigated this topic. And as a monk under vows?I am very touched by the humility expressed by everyone here! Difference of opinions are okay...but first to apologize when one is wrong is what we see regularly in the monastery, never aspected it on a forum! Pleasantly surprised! Nice drawings Bruce!
  10. Ken, thank you...I don't have a turbo mouse. I will wait and see what they come up with. Thanks again for your help!
  11. Okay...I realized that I have a totally different creature!
  12. Ken, I am not as lucky as you are. I could not get the Mouseworks to work on my Mac...
  13. Aloha, Ray: I installed the SlimBlade driver as it appears to be the latest version. Ken: Just 30 minutes ago,I got a note from Kensington's tech. support saying that the Mouseworks in not compatible?? Thank you for the confirmation that it works on Snow Leopard! I shied away from it after looking at the issue date?four years ago! Ken, should I uninstall the Slimblade software? Kensington Tech. Support response to my inquiry: "We would like to inform you that, the product model # 72327 is a SlimBlade Trackball and all the button on it are pre-programmed and there is no option to assign or program the buttons on the Trackball as MouseWorks software is not compatible with this mouse. We regret to inform you that the 72327 SlimBlade Trackball is non configurable. The 4 buttons are preset with functions which can be used as play/pause, stop, and next, and the control ball can be used for adjusting volume, zoom in/out, and pan."
  14. Aloha, Ken: I can't find the installation software for Mac, can you point me to the right direction? The software I found just installed a pointer icon on the Menu bar with no customization options...and I found it here http://us.kensington.com/html/1461.html Thanks
  15. Thanks Pat. I happened to have one layer in Top view and the other was in Top Plan view. But will keep this scale issue in mind.
  16. Aloha, I have my Layer Options set to "Show/Snap/Modify Others"?for some reason?I can't select, modify or snap objects on another layer. This occurs only with certain VW documents not all files. Am I accidentally activating (or deactivating) something? I can force select the object using contextual menu or by the changing the layer. Any thoughts? Thanks! P.S.: I have my Classes also set to "Show/Snap/Modify Others."
  17. While many try to dodge the responsibility after selling their products?Michael, thank you for setting this good example of taking the responsibility. Proud to be NNA's customer!
  18. Thank you for fixing this issue in 2010 SP3! There are many files from previous versions that I did the batch conversion?all their callout arc leaders are messed up. Is there anyway to restore them without changing every single one of them manually in each file? Thanks
  19. Thanks Islandmon. I will add this to wish list...
  20. Aloha, I noticed VW don't have SVG format import option. Any idea how to import it into VW? Thanks
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