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  1. Aloha, Ray: Do you have any thoughts that you don't mind sharing? I am curious to find out what are other options...
  2. Aloha, Jeffrey: It appears like this bug got reintroduced in VW2011! With the arc radius is set to zero, I am still getting the scythe look... Can you please confirm? I'll file a bug...
  3. You can terminate the subscription if no feel like not continuing it... Upgrading from 2010 by choosing subscription option saves about $100. Probably worth checking how much the savings are upgrading from 2008.
  4. Aloha, Mike: Can you customize and reposition the location of the items on the tool bar? i.e. move the items on RH end to LEFT... You guys got your 2011 very fast! Still waiting for mine... Thanks!
  5. Aloha, any hint how to learn to use Wacom tablet? I tried several times and gave up!
  6. Aloha, it will easier for others to help you, when you include your computer specs. and the version of VW you are using. Go to the top of this window and click on "My Stuff."
  7. I was told by NV sales that it will be about $100 savings. So I subscribed...
  8. Aloha, Grant: I don't think you can allocate memory for applications in MacOS X. There are few things that can be done: 1. Run "permission repair" from Disk utility 2. Do the disk repair after safe boot.
  9. Finally I got it why they call 'em "sneak preview." Very clever! Look forward to see the list of new features and improvements. Aloha!
  10. Aloha, Peter: If I understand it correctly?from some of the previous posts?VW (at least up to 2010) do not take advantage of the multiple core processors. However, Renderworks does utilize all the cores when rendering. You can always utilize the desktop real estate for other windows such as Mail etc. I utilize the extra space by having large VW window to reduce panning and zooming. Each one of us work differently, the best choice is what makes you feel comfortable.
  11. Aloha, Peter: You will never regret the 27" screen!
  12. I have no problem rendering with my iMac i7 processors. I wonder if it is your version of VW?
  13. I am not an architect but found VW was the easiest to learn. I tried demo version of the couple other softwares before making the decision. Plus great support from this forum community.
  14. Aloha, Ray: I recreated the roof! Next time I'll try changing pitch and bearing height. It would easy if we could rotate the roof from various view as need... Thanks!
  15. Aloha, Bruce: It really helps when you are running several applications i.e. application like Photoshop etc. which takes up a lot of memory. Macs are so stable...most user don't reboot them very often. I noticed my iMac's speed improves with at least once a week reboot.
  16. Aloha, I noticed in the announcement about VW's partnership with Maxon Computer Lisa Lance wrote, "Beginning with the next release of Vectorworks? software, which will be available on Sept. 14, 2010, ..." Wondering if anyone seen a list of improvement, features etc. somewhere? Thanks
  17. Aloha: Is there a way to rotate a roof face? I thought once I set the working plane right I can rotate any 3D object?or I think I did... perhaps I am not setting it right. I adjusted the overhang of a roof face, that changed the alignment of the two roof face's hip joint. Each time I use the "Rotate" tool to rotate the object I am getting the following alert message: "Hybrid objects can only be rotated in a plane parallel to the active layer plane. Would you like working plane set to the active layer plane?" When I click "yes" the object is no longer rotates they direction I wanted. What I am doing incorrectly here? Any ideas how to rotate this roof face? See attached files. I am trying to align the upper part of Roof Face 1 with the upper part of Roof Face 2. As you can see they are not aligned. By the way, these roof faces were created by AEC>Create Roof then they were ungrouped for modification. Thank you.
  18. Aloha, MCheng: Tried that...didn't work. Assemblage: No problem!
  19. Aloha, Robert: Thank you! We will have a better VW with each bug fixed.
  20. Thank you, Mike and David: I ended up doing as two separate roofs and combined them manually. As Mike said, it really surprised me when the command failed. I'll submit bug. Thanks again for both of your help. Aloha!
  21. Aloha, Each time when I run the AEC>Create Roof... command I am getting the following error from VW: "Could not create roof, house drawing is too complex to compute roof." See the attached file. Is this polygon "too complex" to create roof? When I tried the command on a simple rectangular polygon it works fine. Thank you!
  22. I believe you can send the file VW tech. support to have it converted to your desired version. I remembered reading one of moderator's comment a while ago.


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