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  1. Aloha, Nicola: This was from one of the post by Benson Shaw. Useful addition to everything Peter suggests here. "And if you press & hold the shift key, you can start your drag on/in the top object without it getting selected."
  2. Aloha, Thom: Frank the Architect is free available here http://www.fonts101.com/fonts/view/Architecture/40700/Frank_the_Architect.aspx You can also buy a collection at http://www.fonthaus.com/fontfind/Other%20Categories/Architect
  3. Aloha, ,Joerg: I just drag and drop a pdf file in my VW window and it opened the file.
  4. Aloha, Petri: Thank you for the rectification!
  5. Aloha, Vincent: SP2 currently only available to VW Service Select Subscribers. I assume the link will be available for general downloading soon. HTH...
  6. Aloha, Antoni: I was able to import images into VW2011?jpg. Check your image format.
  7. Aloha, Phil: Welcome to the forum! Please create your signature with the OS info., version of VW etc. Go to "My Stuff"?you'll be set for your future posts. Go to VW preferences>Display (tab)>Edit Font Mappings... It is possible the Swiss 721 is not mapped properly in this version...
  8. Aloha, Adobe use to have an app called Streamline but now it is integrated in Illustrator. I found Vector Magic (vectormagic.com) does a decent job in many cases. Bitmap tracing It is very dependend on the quality of the scan and the complexity of the drawing.
  9. Daniel: Check this out...http://www.telestream.net/screen-flow/overview.htm
  10. Aloha, I wish we can do this when we are working with multiple DL with different scales. Perhaps in the future users can be given an option to disable and enable it in VW prefs. Thanks
  11. Aloha, Jimmy: I have experienced this before. It only occurs when you move the location of the file while it is still open. At least that was the case on my Mac.
  12. Aloha, Martin: I got a bit frustrated ended using the line option instead of the arc. I am no programmer hence don't know what is their predicament to "re-fix" this problem that got reintroduced, but can't simply spent my time trying to get it right. It is unfortunate that I can't use this simple tool that I love!
  13. Aloha, Giovanni: If you press the keyboard space bar you can select any tool for temporary use. Once you let go the space bar you will return to the original tool you had selected. I know this is true for 2010 and 2011...can't recall how it was working in 2009...
  14. You could select all the objects and do multiple extrude...
  15. Thank you Christiaan. I missed that post...a lot of good ideas there. Hopefully, some at NVW is looking at this posts!
  16. I just added my wish to the wish list. Perhaps, we all show more interest it will be taken seriously.
  17. Create iPad app as soon as possible! Thanks
  18. Namaskar, Dhruv: You can find the VW2010 Viever here http://www.nemetschek.net/downloads/fundamentals/index.php I think viewing the drawings on job site would one of the best use.
  19. Aloha, I am wondering if we can get any insider information about VW iPad app?i.e. any consideration by NVW? Any plans? I really think it will be very good for NVW's business to create one before Autodesk. iPads and iPhones are hot selling items?catch the waves NVW before someone else rides on it! It will expose VW to more users. I was exchanging dwg files with one of our local electrical engineer. He actually never heard of VW?to my disappointment! From Autodesk's website: "AutoCAD WS mobile will be available soon. This free* mobile app will let you view, edit, and share DWG? files on your Apple? iPad, iPhone and iPod touch?."
  20. Aloha, Bill: Same here?using it since this March and I love it! The idea of getting a monitor that would otherwise cost me $1800 or so... with the iMac made it easy for me to decide. It seat so neatly on my desk next to a 30" Apple Cinema Display and feels just right. I don't do significant amount of rendering, so 4 cores seems to be sufficient, but I did load it up with 16GB of memory!
  21. Aloha, Grant: We have several iMacs at our facility. We haven't had any issue with the color. Hope we'll never have to deal with it. It is all depends on what you are doing. If the reports are correct and you are in desktop publishing then you are in trouble when you do your color corrections. You can hook up one additional monitor on the 27" iMac. However, I don't know if it will still work when the first monitor dies. While it is true that if you have to fix the monitor the entire iMac will be down. Using Mac's for nearly two decades?in my experience?it is very rare for the monitors to fail first. Whether you choose the iMac or the MacPro tower?how can you go wrong with a Mac?
  22. Aloha, Chris: Unless you are planning to add more graphic cards, hardrives etc. why choose the tower and give up the "free" 27 inch monitor that comes with iMac? I switched from MacBook with 30" Cinema Display to iMac. I am very happy with the change.
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