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  1. In the past several years new version was released in mid September...
  2. Aloha, Chris: If you ever move to Windows you can still have Mac experience with MaComfort http://leonardo.re/macomfort/
  3. Thanks Jonathan! I solved it...I needed to change one setting in the Duplicate Array dialog box. "Values Are With Respect to the?Working Plane" the default setting was "Layer Plane." That did it!
  4. Aloha, I made several extrusion while in the Front view. Then, I switched to Right view and tried use the Duplicate Array command; however, the duplication keep happening on the X axis of the Front view. I tried changing the planes but no luck. The planes still is puzzle to me! I am probably missing something simple here. See attached jpeg. Please help! Thanks
  5. Thanks Rod! Pretty expensive!
  6. Hi, Jershaun: What is the price for Autodesk Bldg. Suite?
  7. Aloha, Jan: Don't have all the answers...You can change the font by selecting it then applying the font you like from the "Text" menu. You can also ungroup the date stamp and change anything you want in it. There are groups within the group so you have to go dipper. Unfortunately, you have to do one date stamp at a time. Have wonderful Sunday
  8. Aloha, Kieron & Brian: I see what is going on...I was looking for the popup menu to show up in the Navigation palette instead of the OIP. I see it now. Thank you both!
  9. Aloha, I am having trouble getting the class sub-group to work. When I name the class "Arch-Wall-Ext" I am not getting an arrow with popup menu option. I tried this with several files...non of them gives me the option. I see the class name exactly as entered. Any thoughts what I am not doing right here? Thanks
  10. Aloha, Grant: I just tried it. It works fine on my Mac.
  11. Aloha, Jonathan: I don't have Firefox; however, restarting the Mac resolved the issue. Thanks
  12. Aloha, I am having trouble selecting more than one object with shift click. I can select multiple objects by dragging my mouse over multiple objects. Don't know which setting I accidentally changed. Thanks
  13. Aloha, Guy: Read this topic; http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Main=29298&Number=144401#Post144401
  14. Aloha, Dave: I had similar issue once. I can't really recall what I did exactly to fix it since I was trying one thing after another. Peter Cipes was great help when he worked with me. Perhaps he will post something specific... Try the following: 1. In VW prefs. reduce the size of your "selection box size" and "snap box size." This seems to have an effect on how precisely you can snap. 2. Go through your smart cursor settings?double click on any one of the items in your Snapping palette. 3. Few things that I changed to were: a. In the General Category?all box checked except Snap To Individual Pages b. Grid Category?doesn't have any effect I think since I also have the "snap to grid" disabled. c. Object Category?Everything checked except Nearest Point on Edge d. Angles Category?I have Angles From Axes and Plan rotation enabled. e. Smart Point Category?(probably critical for you current issue) Everything enabled except Datum Offset. As per Peter I set the Acquire Smart Point if the mouse stops for "0.3 seconds. And Set Datum if the mouse stops for "0.6" seconds. f. Smart Edge Category?All enabled except Snap to Offset. Acquire Edge if mouse follows edge for: "0.3 seconds g. Distance Category?Snap by: Percent? I have "25" Try this if doesn't work you might want to Reset the smart cursor settings see if that changes anything. Aloha
  15. Aloha, Dave: Nice to see another user from Hawaii! What version of VW are you using? You can add this information and your computer's specification on top of this forum page >My profile..
  16. Aloha, Alora: One other place to check?in addition to what Edward suggested?is the setting in your "Print" dialog box. There is a popup button with various settings for color printing. By default the button will show "Vectorworks." Click on it to navigate to other print settings.
  17. Aloha, Anders: Trying my best to pay forward the kindness I received from this wonderful VW forum! Warm aloha from Kauai!
  18. Aloha, Sophie: Mac is the only computer I have ever used! If you ask me, YES highly recommended?most Mac users will give you similar answer. That said there are many VW users use PC. Ultimately, it comes to personal preferences, cost and how much time you are willing to devote maintaining the computer after you purchased it. To truly compare their specs. the computers must be tested against a known benchmark. You probably will find comparison charts if you goggle it.
  19. Aloha, Anders: Go to your "Snapping" Palettes and activate the "snap to object"
  20. Aloha, Andrew: Run the "Repair Disk Permissions" from Disk Utility.
  21. Aloha, Sophie: I don't think there is a limitation how many times you can install but you can only run one serial number at any time. There was a time when my Mac crashed several times in a month and I installed it multiple times?no issue with that. You may need to get a new serial number for the Mac. Contact VW tech. support.
  22. Aloha, Pat: Thank you so much for the suggestion. Restarting my iMac resolved the option key issue! Good intuition!
  23. Aloha, anyone have any idea why my selection tool constantly behave as if I have the option key (PC=Alt) pressed? Everything I click and drag are being duplicated. I must have accidentally enabled a key or something. Tried different keyboards, different mouse and worked on different files, still no change, VW acts in the same was?as if Option Key is pressed. Option key behave as aspected in all other applications. Thanks!
  24. Aloha, In VW2011 go to File>Export>Export As Vectorworks 2009 files... That said, it is very strange that when I opened your file, all the export options are dimmed. However, if you copy and paste all the object into a new VW2011 file, you can export it to VW2009
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