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  1. Thank you Ray, gmm18 and Pat! I will start right away.
  2. Aloha, I am trying to set a specific line weight for various tools. For an example 0.35 for Rectangle and Line but 0.13 for Dimensions etc. I checked all the preferences but no luck. I did try to set line weight for Rectangle tool with no object selected to .035 but then my Dimension also carries the same line weight when I change to this tool. I want to have each tool to lock itself with its own attributes. There are many tools that keep their settings in the preferences but can this simple attribute stay as specified for each tool? Or this a wishful thinking on my part? Thank you!
  3. Aloha Ray, that is a very nice work!
  4. Aloha Wes, thanks for the reply. Just emailed you.
  5. Aloha from Hawaii, I am new to this forum. I am wondering if any can guide me toward the right direction? I want to learn more about Electrical Circuiting in VW2009. The manual doesn't seems to have much on the subject. Is there any additional manual or online tutorial available on this? Thanks.
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