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  1. I like this idea. How about also Context Tool palettes like the Context Menus. Say Option+Right Click to bring up a customised tool palette at the mouse cursor.
  2. Gentlemen - could we please stick to the main topic of this thread being a wish list. Not an all out war between Architects and Engineers.
  3. Nobody likes a smartarse. Shaun and myself quite clearly stated the Structural/Civil engineering discipline.
  4. How about an additional VW package to include various tools for us Structural draftees out there. I've written several small ones which help but I think NNA could do better and include things like Reinforced Concrete tools, Footings, Retaining Walls, Steel connections etc. Just a thought.
  5. I forgot one - with double lines and wall components. They're great but I think if the left or right pen is invisible it shouldn't draw the line. This is a pain when ungrouping walls and having more lines than necessary.
  6. 1. Chamfer mode for 2D reshape tool change vertex mode. 2. Quick snap to centre of objects (especially lines which take forever to find the centre). 3. Quick Snap to centre of two points. 4. Quick snap to centre of two parallel edges etc etc etc. (Well you get the drift of new and improved quick snaps) 5. Object Attributes to be displayed and modified on top bar instead of it's own palette. 6. Edit worksheets in place. 7. Edit objects inside viewports without needing to go to the design layer. 8. 2D reshape tool to work inside filled polygons. 9. Wall cavities to connect properly. That's all for now.
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