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  1. Jim, This is a known problem that is being addressed for a future version of VW.
  2. P Retondo, After reading your original post, I think your problem is different than Kevin's. If you can duplicate the problem you saw (obviously with a "scratch" version of your file, so you won't need to fix it), please send me a file with instructions for how to duplicate the problem. Thanks,
  3. Kevin, It looks like it just has trouble setting one of the classes you told me about to be the active class. So to create an object in one of those classes, you need to create it in another class and then change the class of the object through the class popup on the OI palette. On further investigation, it looks like the problem is just with choosing one of those classes on the databar class popup. For the hatch-brick class, you can create a saved view with the hatch-brick class as the active class, and then you can set the hatch-brick class to be active by selecting that saved view. Then you can create new objects in that class. Also this does not seem to be a recent bug. I exported your file to VW 10, and I saw the problem in VW 10.5. I hope this helps.
  4. P Retondo, I think the problem I referred to a while back has been fixed for v11. Anyway, I have looked at Kevin's file and have duplicated the problem. For some reason, it seems to only occur on the Mac. I will enter a bug for it and investigate it for a future release. Thanks,
  5. Kevin, If you can duplicate this problem, please send me a file and instructions for how to get this to happen. Thanks,
  6. Patrick, I tried selecting more than one text block and I was able to change the font using the Format Text dialog in VW 10.5. You said you got an error when you tried to do that. Could you send me a file with multiple text blocks selected and tell me what to change on the Format Text dialog to see the error? Also it seems that you can see more than 255 fonts on the Text Font menu, but there is no way to scroll, so you are limited to how many will fit on your screen. That is a limitation of the standard Windows menu code. The big change for v11 is that when you select a text block, you can edit its font information on the OI palette shape pane. Thanks,
  7. I just got back from vacation, so I couldn't reply sooner. I think having access to a limited number of fonts is only the case when using the Text/Font menu. If you use the Format Text dialog, I think you can access all the fonts you have installed.
  8. Fred and Ion, Sorry for taking so long to respond. This problem occurs whenever you copy and paste to another document and the objects being pasted include walls with objects inserted in them. The way to workaround this problem in VW10 is to have the walls in symbols. So if you're copying all the objects in a layer, do a select all, then create a symbol, leaving the instance in place. Then copy the symbol and paste it into the other document. Then if you don't want everything in a symbol, select the symbol, convert it to a group, then ungroup.
  9. Fred, This is a known bug that has been fixed in VW11.
  10. Ion, You can have both of these preferences on. They don't interfere with each other. The Hardware Accelerated 2D Naviagation preference applies when you are panning or zooming. In most cases of zooming or panning, you will see a faster redraw with this on. The VectorCaching preference is more general. In many situations, you will see a faster redraw with this on.
  11. For some fonts on OSX, EPSF export does not export the font name correctly. Also it does not export font styles (bold, italic). This is being addressed for a future version of VW.
  12. Benjamin, We have been addressing similar issues for Icelandic users. For editing text objects in the drawing, entering the special characters you mentioned should work in VW 10.5.1 on OSX, if you have the preferred language set to Icelandic (I suppose you would normally have Faroese as your preferred language, but if you could use Icelandic, VW will work better for you). It looks like the problem with export has not been addressed yet. Thank you for bringing that to our attention.
  13. Actually you can apply the coincident constraint to a plugin or symbol. It seems like the cabinets need to be a little apart from each other to apply the constraint. I placed two cabinets, with a little distance between them, then I clicked on the constrain coincident tool, clicked on the top right of the left cabinet and the top left of the right cabinet, and one cabinet moved so those points were coincident. However, if I then change the length of one of them, it doesn't quite do what you want. Rather than resizing the other cabinet, it moves it.
  14. Could you please send me a copy of the master file and of the target file. Thanks,
  15. We agree with you Donald. This is being addressed for a future version of VectorWorks.
  16. I'm not sure if this is clear, but a symbol contains one or more objects. The lineweight shown on the attribute palette when a symbol is selected is meaningless. Each object in the symbol can have a different lineweight. To check each object, you need to edit the symbol and select each of its component objects.
  17. Brian, The first issues you mention with dimensions is being addressed for a future version of VW. I'm not sure exactly what you mean with your second issue, where you move a dimension point. Perhaps you could send me a testfile and a detailed explanation.
  18. Ian, there is a limit to how many classes will display in the Class setup dialog on the Mac, due to a limitation in Macintosh code for listboxes. In one testfile, it will display about 1800 of the 2000 classes in the file. The number of classes it will display is affected by the length of the class name, so if a file has long class names, the dialog won't be able to hold as many classes. Do you have a large number of classes in this file?
  19. Are you working in a large file when you change the class of several objects and see a crash? Most of the time, this will work, but for certain classes in large files, it will crash, and you will need to modify one object at a time. Also what kind of object did you make that was assigned to the None class instead of the active class?
  20. What you are seeing when editing the color palette is just a cosmetic problem. I believe it only happens if you select some color cells and then quickly select some other cells. The first group of cells are no longer selected, even though on the dialog, it looks like they are. I don't think this is related to your OpenGL problem. This cosmetic problem is being addressed for a future version of VW.
  21. This problem has been fixed for VW 10.5.1.
  22. No, nothing has changed. Batch convert never updated workgroup reference paths.
  23. A change was made between 9 & 10 that affected the zoom in, zoom out, 2D selection, 3D selection and pan tools. If you take a VW 9 workspace and put it into VW 10, you need to delete all of these 5 tools and readd them to the workspace.
  24. No there isn't, but this has been fixed for VW 10.1.2.
  25. A change was made to the internal ids for those menu items, and apparently the workspaces you downloaded have the old ids. If you know how to use the workspace editor, you can fix this easily. Just remove those menu items from your workspace and then add them back.
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