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  1. There isn't a way to do that yet. The ability to change a class in a file and then have the class definition updated in all files that workgorup reference the file is being considered for a future version of VW.
  2. John, Please send me a file showing this problem. Also please tell me what version of VW you are running and what your OS is.
  3. Peter, This is being addressed for a future version of VW. Thanks for reporting it.
  4. Delmer, You can't set directly what zoom the hatch will be at when the edit dialog comes up. Changing the offset distance for the first level in the hatch should affect it. The idea behind the initial zoom is that when you edit the hatch, you won't have a real sparse or real dense looking hatch when it comes up. If some levels have a much different offset distance than the first level, it may not give a good result.
  5. Tom, I agree that this is a bug. The workaround for this is when you resize your rectangle, don't move the bottom of the rectangle above the center of the circle, which means you may need to resize it in several steps.
  6. I think you need a Chinese version of VectorWorks to get Chinese characters in the font menu.
  7. Do you know if your friend is trying to use simplified Chinese characters or traditional Chinese characters? VW supports the traditional characters but not the simplified.
  8. JNR, What exactly are you referring to when you say "the layer visibilities list"? Are you referring to the Layer Visibilities dialog that you reach either by clicking on the Layers button on the Save View dialog or by clicking on the Layers button on the OI palette shape pane when a viewport is selected? If so, this is a known bug.
  9. Ion, You can use the angular dimension tool to dimension between objects that are on other layers if you have your layer options set to show/snap/modify others.
  10. Is it possible that your referenced layer that contains these numbers has Scale Text off in the parking structure drawing and on in the main drawing or vice versa (scale text is set on the Layer Scale dialog)?
  11. Tom, In your first message, you said the fonts are different for the same VW file on different machines. Do you mean for a certain text object, the OI palette shows a different font depending on what machine, or does the OI palette show the same font name, but the text is drawn differently? In your second message, are you saying that the font for some text objects changed as a result of the batch convert?
  12. Tom, You said the VW preferences are setup the same. Does that include the font mappings? They can be seen by clicking on the Edit Font Mappings button on the Display pane of the VW Prefernces dialog.
  13. Haich, It is possible to rotate or move a workgroup referenced layer, but it may take more steps than you would like. You can create a layer link to a referenced layer. Then you can rotate or move the layer link.
  14. Kristen, Sorry for the slow response. Could you send me your master file? Thanks,
  15. F1 is reserved for help, and F2 - F4 are reserved for digitizing tablets.
  16. I think the manual does not explain this very well. In this mode, it will always put the arrow on the outside, but the rest of the dimension won't always be on the outside. After your first click, which should be on the arc outline or inside of it (if the arc is filled), to get the entire dimension to be outside, you need to move the mouse to be outside of the arc, and then do the second click.
  17. Tom, Does it help if you set the arc to have no fill?
  18. When you save a file, whatever layer is active will be the active layer when the file is opened. As for the layer switching after updating workgroup references, that is a known problem that is being addressed for a future release of VectorWorks.
  19. Tom, You could convert your dimension to a group and then edit the resulting group and get rid of the center point.
  20. Alistair, This issue has been discussed several times on the VW mailing list over the past several years. There was a clear desire from the users who participated in the discussion to change the behavior so a group is created in the active class. It is unlikely that this would be changed back.
  21. Hunter, If some of the pasted objects are no longer selected because they are grayed or invisible due to the class settings or class options are not show, snap modify others, that is by design. Some of those objects remaining there after you undo is a bug. This bug was reported recently and is being investigated for a future release of VW.
  22. Classes are not on particular layers, but objects are. You could have several objects which belong to the same class that are on different layers. If that class is set to be visible, then objects in that class that are on a visible layer will be visible, and objects in that class that are on an invisible layer will not be seen. Hope this helps.
  23. Are you on OSX? There was a problem with export EPS for certain fonts on OSX. That problem has been fixed for VW 11.0.1.
  24. Steve, Can you send me one of the VW9 files for which this behavior happens. Thanks,
  25. sta 500, If a file is opened and it has a reference that doesn't work for the reason you explained, then delete that workgroup reference and recreate it.
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