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  1. If we break it apart, we lose the data/ notes we've input with the Existing Tree tool. I'm afraid to go the route of the Plant Tool as we'd have a ton of different Plants to be able to illustrate the varying size information on a variety of different material and that seems extremely onerous.

    For background, we're looking at a landscape master plan for a campus and the first step is evaluation of the existing material on campus. We've placed a lot of the information in already under the Existing Tree tool, just want to be able to populate the tag with more information that is embedded with the tool, similar to the Plant tag.

    We may have to end up just creating a schedule of existing material to have that information available, though it won't be as convenient as being able to populate the tag with the information to fall immediately adjacent the Existing Tree symbol.

  2. Is there any method to being able to create a custom plant tag for the existing tree tool? We'd like to include more data than ID/ Common Name/ Notes in the tag for display of the information beyond the preset standards in the very limited Tag and Numbering dialog. For instance, adding Height or DBH into the tag.

    I'm not seeing where this would allow for any customization in a similar manner as the standard Plant Tool where you can customize plant tag appearance/ data.

    Any help is appreciated or any work arounds one might suggest. We were thinking of using callouts, but I'm not seeing a way to tie the callout to the database record. Another option would be to use the plant tool, create a custom tag, but that would seem like it would require a ridiculous number of individual plants.

  3. We're working on a project with fairly complex grading and trying to determine the best course of action to model the site. Right now, we're pretty frustrated with the abilities of the program and are feeling like we're spinning our wheels and may just default back to 2D.

    The project has a portion that is an amphitheater and we're working to control a portion of the bowl with walls/ retaining wall modifier and the upper lawn as 3d polygons set to Site-DTM-Modifier to shape that portion. Unfortunately, we're getting pretty erratic results and don't feel we can trust this level of accuracy moving forward.

    See attached images for visual discrepancies. Curious if we're going about this in the right manner. We're hoping to do a full BIM/ SIM model for this project, but VWs failed us in the past in terms of rendering components accurately or providing inept tools for modeling.


    Designer/ Landmark 2013

  4. The application continues to reference the Hard drive location even when selecting workgroup folder from "Choose VW Plants" or from the "VW Plants Database." This was confirmed in the savedsettings.xml file.

    As mentioned previously, we're on Mac here. I've tried locating the plant database multiple ways: 1) manually copy the "Plant Database" folder from HD to server; 2) let VW install the "Plant Database folder to the server as it's supposed to do when the database doesn't exist. Both instances revert back to the HD location whenever I open it and try to use the server-based database. As a check, I've moved the Plant Database from the HD location outside of VW 2009 app folder. Now, when I open VW Database the Choose Database location comes up, I select Workgroup Folders which has the preset workgroup location on our server. And, nothing. If I go back to VW Database, nothing and the Choose Database location comes back up. Endless circle.

    I've seen reference in the VW Help section that mentions if a file or setting is in both the User Folder and Workgroup Folder, the User Folder takes priority. When I remove it from the user folder, it won't open from the WorkGroup Folder.

    I'm going to need a beer before the holiday weekend, it appears.

  5. What I had set up yesterday appears to not be working. I was able to access the database only if my User profile was on the server. Switched my folder back to my HD and now am not able to create or access the plant database to our Server-based workgroup folder. Being an office of multiple users, we'll need the single database as a resource. It's pretty pointless to have everyone on separate database files.

    Here's the specs and hopefully you'll be able to help figure this out.

    MAC OS 10.4.11/ VW 2009

    Have our Work Group folder set up in our desired server location and located via VW Preferences/User Folders/ Work Group Folder. As there's currently not a database in that location, it should automatically install per VW Help. The Network folder doesn't require any permissions, unless it's something buried in VW.

    If I go to Landmark/ VW Plants Database I get the "Choose Plant Database Location." From here, select our Work Group folder/ OK, which should kick off the installation of the database to our server work group folder. Unfortunately, nothing happens. Also tried creating the database in my HD User Folder and nada. Doesn't create the database in either location (both folders do not have the database). I know there can be reference issues if both locations have the database, so made sure both were empty of the Plant Database.

    Thoughts? Also, if we figure this out, is there a way to set the workgroup folder as the default?

    [EDIT] Through additional playing around. The Database is up and on the server and my user folder. However, when I try to open the database, it is only referencing my user folder database. When I open VW Plant Database, it opens automatically and doesn't give me a dialogue to choose the location. If I go to Choose VW Plants/ Select Work Group folder and then open the database it is still referencing my user folder. As a test, I went through these last steps and imported a picture into the Autumn Joy Sedum. When I close the database and manually open the server database, no picture in Autumn Joy Sedum. If I manually open the user folder database, it has the photo.

  6. A long way around this is to develop a Master symbols file and go ahead and create generic plant definitions for each symbol (ie. 24' Shade Tree A). It's time intensive, but will maintain the custom script tag if you import the symbols as a favorite or through the resource browser. Once in your main design plan, you can then import plant data through the database.

    If someone has a better trick, I'm all ears.

  7. I think I figured it out yesterday. I'm on OS 10.4.11. Finally started working, or at least not making continual copies once I set my user folder to the server location. Previously hadn't done that.

    Have yet to test other user locations as I'm the guinea pig for the new system and how they link up. We're hoping to create a more standardized system using a user folder that's server-based. When I was working with it as a simple work-group folder, it wasn't working.

  8. We're working with the 2009 plants database and trying to set that to a server location in order to be accessible from multiple users in the office.

    When following the Help steps to set up the Database on our server, it initially sets up in the designated folder. However, each time you try and access it, it creates a new copy within the designated folder as if it's not referencing the original that was set up (default is to continue creating new database when no database is recognized in a desired location).

    Any tips would be much appreciated.

  9. I'm curious about this as well. We're transitioning from VW11 and would like to create a plant tag that's similar to our current standard, but would like to set as the default and not have to modify each plant instance to get the desired output.

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