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  1. As busy Architects/Designers, we spend a lot of non-billable hours doing the following for Vectorworks: - Identify Bugs - Making suggestions for features - Posting on this forum for above issue and respond to further requests for information - Creating 'example projects' for bug identification We don't ask for payment. We are simply doing this to improve the Vectorworks product. I think it would be nice if there was a bit more gratitude for our contribution, and have this gratitude shown when staff engages with us. And I'm putting this in the Wishlist as a feature request.
  2. Amorphous

    Project Sharing - Does this really work in the wild?

    @Tolu for completeness, this post wasn't only about Tom Klaber's use of Google Drive. For completeness, read every post. For completeness, everyone on this post already agreed and established Google Drive (Google Backup and Sync/Google File Stream) doesn't work for VW PS. The various posts here demonstrates that various people are having problems with project sharing, and these problems should not be overlooked. Also for completeness, I have spoken to other users on this forum, and the feedback is that you ( @Tolu ) tend to dismiss issues raised by users. As a final point on completeness. Have you worked a day in an Architectural Firm? How often to you actually use Project Sharing in real-life situations creating models and drawings that output to actual clients and construction sites? People with daily encounters and experience here are offering a complete view of this project sharing issue, and deserve to be listened to.
  3. I actually wonder whether VW should be updated every two years, and not annually. It seems crazy that we spend one year to reach SP4 or SP5 for each version, which admittedly is stable but still not ‘complete and perfect’. Then we abandon this ‘last stable’ version as quickly as we reach it, and jump into a world of chaos and insanity because of ‘new features’ in the next version. If SP4 and SP5 are genrally stable, then shouldn’t we extend its use for an extra year, and continue to improve productivity and fix all the remaining bugs well into, say, SP10? I image once we reach stability at SP4, we can focus on productivity improvements in the subsequent SPs. Productivity improvements currently seem lower on the VW list than new features. Perhaps productivity is not sexy for marketing purposes, but new features are? Of course VW needs annual income to balance its sheets, and this is how I think it can work. Currently: If current VSS is, say, US$1000 per licence (for designer series), then it is $2000 over two years. Alternatively: VSS is split into (a) SP releases for the next two years (US$1000 for two years’ worth of SP releases) (b) Upgrade to the next SP0 version (US$1000 paid every two years) VW will end up with the same subscription amount, but have more time for much better feature release and product improvements (broader in scope, better in quality) But that means if one buy the next SP0 version without the upgrade options, that person will end up with a buggy software. This bi-annual cycle would only be feasible if VW does indeed commit to releasing software every two years that looks and feel like there was two years worth of thinking and development in it- not just giving us the same thing we used to get on a yearly basis. Hard to quantify and qualify I know. Perhaps one way to quantify and qualify it is to say, every two year, 200 items in Wishlist feature request is granted (compared to say 20 in annual releases). May not work for everyone. But this would work for my office.
  4. @Tolu please also check out this troubleshoot post for other users with PS issues:
  5. Hi Tolu thanks for your reponse. I’ve sent you the file via a PM, but to summarise: Everytime we have a permission issue. We ‘save a new version’. I am up to ‘Version 175’ for one project and ‘Version 59’ for another. We don’t make a record of which version had which type of permission problem, so I can’t send you that PF and WF ‘in that state’ until it next happens. What I can tell you is that the most common permission issue is: - a user (‘User X’) checks out ‘an item’ in WF - VW crashes on the computer terminal of ‘User X’ - the ‘item’ checked out by ‘User X’ at the time of the crash presents permission issues - When anyone (including ‘User X’) tries to edit that said ‘item’ in the file, it says ‘User X’ has the item checked out and thus can’t be edited - we have to save a new version to get around this permission issue - In ArchiCAD, the BIM admin can ‘force’ a user out of the file to resolve permission issues. Would be great to have the same in VW.
  6. Amorphous

    Changing Titleblocks : ONE MINUTE per sheet

    Hi Nikolay. Thanks for looking into this. I was surprised that you couldn't replicate the problem so I wondered if it was a 2018 vs 2019 issue (we are still on 2018 due to our fear of bugs) I did a test on 2019 and indeed the problem was no-more. But I am presented with another problem- upon changing back to another titleblock VW crashes. NB I'm on 2019 SP0 because SP1 is not available for my region yet. Crash.mov
  7. Amorphous

    Changing Titleblocks : ONE MINUTE per sheet

    Sent 🙂 Many thanks
  8. Amorphous

    Changing Titleblocks : ONE MINUTE per sheet

    Hi Nikolay, I'd happily do that. Can you provide an email and I'll send you a link to download? Our file is over 1GB as a standalone file, so I'll strip down a number of things when I send to you.
  9. Amorphous

    Changing Titleblocks : ONE MINUTE per sheet

    @Kevin McAllister we’d happily participate in Beta programs if it means it would improve VW for everyone. We like that suggestion for Beta and vote it up.
  10. Per my post above about 'release' in 'project sharing' not working properly. When we 'right click' - 'release' any objects, VW prompts us to 'Cancel', 'Discard' or 'Commit' changes to the file before the 'release' can be done. If we select 'Commit', then the Working File will suddenly disassociate from the Project File. This happens 80% of the time. And then we have to go through the 20-minute exercise of 'let's create a new version' as detailed above. Can someone from Vectorworks please address these very real frustrations we face daily? I feel like we are just users talking amongst ourselves.
  11. Amorphous

    Possibly the most frustrating workflow in Vectorworks

    Per my post immediately above. Slow titleblock operation is another giant grievance we have:
  12. We recently updated our titleblock layout. But funnily enough, when we update the layout, the titleblocks using that 'style' does not automatically update on the sheet. We have to turn it into 'Unstyle' and then reapply the 'Style'. Having the 'Style' re-applied to a titleblock take over one minute per sheet. We have over 300 sheets in this drawing (that's 5 hours of someone's time just changing titleblocks, and we can't charge our Client for 'slow Vectorworks operation'). Video evidence enclosed. Change Titleblock.mov Will the Vectorworks Genies please come help?
  13. Amorphous

    Possibly the most frustrating workflow in Vectorworks

    Totally agree with your points @christian We should consolidate our frustrations and vote up one post to get the attention of Vectorworks. You've probably voted it up, but this is one I started: And I have another productivity issue of our use of titleblocks, which I will be posting up on troubleshooting board. (takes ONE MINUTE just to replace the style with another!) At the end of the day, my office productivity is really dragged down by Vectorworks, and it is really unacceptable. We would greatly appreciate someone from Vectorworks coming out to say to us: 'We understand productivity is important, and we will make it our priority to improve productivity with Vectorworks' Honest truth is: WE CANT AFFORD TO HAVE ARCHITECTS SITTING AROUND WHILE 'WAITING FOR VECTORWORKS TO FINISHING THINKING!!!!!!! It is the true situation in our office. The above combination of bold text, ALL CAPS and underline cannot sufficiently emphasise the gravity of the situation and our frustrations at it.
  14. Amorphous

    Project Sharing - Does this really work in the wild?

    Hey @twk since you are the only one reporting good success so far, can you tell us what your save and commit times are? I recorded a video of our save and commit, see below, and it is 6 minutes. The file with the biggest issue is a 1000-sqm residential alt and adds , with 300+ pages of documentation. Everything lives in one single file, lots of hatches, wall types, slab types, worksheets etc. Is that the type of project you are using VW for? I'm interested to know. Save And Commit.mov
  15. @Matt Overton @JMR @Kevin McAllister According to the following post (and various others too), an Upgraded Mac Pro 4,1 or 5,1 is the best Mac Computer you can get on the market right now, beating even the iMac Pro, and I quote: https://create.pro/blog/mac-pro-51-best-system-creative-professionals-2018-internal-expandability-unparalleled-workstation-customisation/ 'We also found that in testing our Mac Pro 5,1 still continued to beat the iMac Pros graphics computer performance in every test' All of the computer terminals in my office is of the above specification with X5690 processors, SSD/NVMe Drives and RM580 Graphics Cards. In other words, our terminals all have 12-core processors. However, operating Vectorworks on what is allegedly best Computer Terminals is still slow and laggy. Having fully graded to the best machine of the day, we can only point this lack of productivity in our workflow to one culprit...


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