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  1. @rohantheboat agree with all of your above points and posts. There’s no hiding that orbiting in VW is cumbersome and unintuitive. I myself have a 3D connection and have for many used the above-mentioned tricks to make orbit behave normally (eg ‘select the object to orbit around’). Your point is that, there’s already a better way that the logic of orbiting can work with, which is already in existence out there (sketchup), where you don’t need to define your centre of orbit for a smooth orbiting experience, it somehow just works! it would be great if such orbiting algorithms can appear in Vectorworks, so we don’t have the pain of making the correct selection (ie ‘right click’ -‘force select’) before orbiting. It’s too many steps as a navigation process while modelling. I may just add one other Orbiting suggestion while we are at it - we should be customise/able to set as default ‘orbiting from TOP/plan activates OpenGL’. I can’t ever see a situation when I’m orbiting from Tap/Plan that I’d need to see the model in wireframe. So, it is just a simple ‘certainty’ in my workflow that I have to additionally and manually switch to OpenGL everytime I orbit firm Top/Plan. It seems redundant as a workflow process.
  2. @jeff prince what issues did you find with your MacBook Pro and twinmotion? @Hans-Olav I am about to buy a few Vega 64 cards (8GB) for our 2010 Mac pros. Can you share your experience with twinmotion using the vega cards?
  3. @Frank Brault I sincerely hope you can help with the attaching image to record issue. As with the horizontal listing issue, I feel this is too important issue to be buried here with the image issue, so I will make a seperate Wishlist posting.
  4. It would be great to have 'overall' included in the way we set texture of a class. Like enclosed. I often find myself clicking the same texture 6 times unnecessarily. I
  5. Hi Frank, we are aware of the =IMAGE function, but the real-life usage that it is appropriate for is very limited, and we have largely removed that from our worksheets. We really need the ability to attach multiple images to a record. None of these workarounds you are suggesting really resolves the issue I'm trying to raise. If you see the need for it, can you please put through a feature request for it? --------------------------------- In regards to the 'endless list' must go downwards and not sideways, does not really add-up. This is the reason: when we have a really list, it will list downwards. Currently there is no way to make the list ‘break’ and fill multiple A3 pages. so regardless of whether the endless list lists downwards or lists sideways, you still need to layout the continuous list properly on a piece of paper for all the information to the printable. So, the said reason to not have a horizontal list is not really valid. Moreover, door and window schedule should be as below- sideway listed with a large image. It is simply not feasible with vertical listing.
  6. Wow I'm ecstatic! Thanks @Tom Klaber for starting this post and making us aware of Smartpaste. Thanks @GioPet for the great product and thanks @Matt Panzer for helping us follow up!
  7. HI @Frank Brault thank you for your attention to this matter. Do you think image attachment to Records is something that can be implemented? I would love to see this on Vectorworks. On a separate worksheet issue, while I have your attention: HORIZONTAL WORKSHEETS In scheduling for design, some worksheets are much better with a horizontal listing What I mean is a list that lists from left to right, instead of top to bottom, which is the only possible way now. This is useful for listing architectural items such as doors in a door schedule. Could this be possible in the future?
  8. By way of a quick by update, @Tolu has been working with me in the background on this issue, they are aware of it and now working on solutions
  9. Hey just letting you guys know, @Tolu have been working with me in the background on this issue, they are aware of it and now working on solutions
  10. We too have experienced this issue in 2019. Yet to test it in version 2020
  11. Hi @Frank Brault that’s for the suggestion, but would ‘worksheets’ be able to pull the referenced URL images as actual images, and display them inside the ‘worksheet’? Also, can the image links be POSIX file links instead of URL links? The issue here is about communication on paper. Having a URL printed a sheet of drawing means nothing to my contractor, who’s holding that printed drawing on site. He’s not going to waste time to type that URL back onto his mobile device character-by-character. My contractors will need a to see a page with all the images I want to communicate to him, at a glance.
  12. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov if possible, can you also make the Titleblock Manager PIO to check for permission conflicts (Project Share) before any operations, instead of at the very end of operations. Because of the slowness of the operations, we often will do the step-by-step process of adding 'issues', which takes up to 15 minutes. If, only at the very end after clicking 'ok', that the PIO checks for permission, then we would have wasted 15 minute. This happens to us quite often. And it happened again tonight.
  13. 'Record Format Data' attached to objects can be much smarter. Say, in an example of a symbol of Toilet Pan. We can describe in words that it is Toilet Plan, give it a make and a model, and even generate an open GL render of what it looks like. However, we can't attach an image of what the toilet pan looks like, nor a section drawing showing whether this toilet back has a S-trap or P-trap. Therefore, we would like the ability to attach images (preferably multiple images) to a record format.
  14. @Frank Brault slightly side-tracking. But we would kill to have the ability to tag Record Format data in elevations and section viewports.
  15. Currently interior elevation marker can only reference one sheet. It should be able to reference multiple, as we often can't fit 4 elevations on one sheet. In those scenarios, the drawing number is broken.
  16. @Nikolay Zhelyazkov thanks for being frank with this. I do hope to see these changes in version 2021 then. Thanks again.
  17. I've just had a chance to calm down... So I do apologise for my tone, especially to @Tolu None of this was meant to take aim at any one persons. I was merely venting frustrations, as I am not meeting project deadlines. I hope everyone at Vectorworks can understand where my frustrations stem from. My team and I spend no less than 8 hours each day with Vectorworks, and being frustrated by flaws that materially affects our work -especially over such a long period of time- is somewhat inevitable.
  18. [UPDATE 4 - 18/03/2020] Saved a new version (we're now up to version v343)... .... and now this error message.... Did I mention our office spend half our workdays wrangling with VW project sharing? .... or maybe it's blatantly obvious....
  19. Love this Love this Yes please! Love it! If you can implement all of the above, @Nikolay Zhelyazkov, it would be much appreciated. Do you think these can come through in 2020SP4? In the long run though, if you can think of multi-threading the process to make it even more efficient, it would be best. Thanks for your prompt response. Regards, Julian
  20. [UPDATE 3 - 19/03/2020] Second 'This File is Corrupt' in ONE day. Absolute insanity. Hope Vectorworks can show some empathy and fix this issue ASAP. Just to recoup this is the IDENTICAL issue I reported on 19th August 2019. It would be, to understate it, be extremely disappointing if on 19th August, 2020, I'd still be updating this post talking about the same issue. Changing the way Project Sharing works is the way forward.
  21. Teamwork was file-based collaboration. BIMserver and BIMcloud are server-managed. Being able to do simultaneous syncing (saves time) and cut out data losses (saves even more time) is very important to us right now. As it is, Project Sharing is slow, and is prone to data loss (we lose data through Project Sharing on a weekly basis). As for 'bad assumptions', I do feel that when using Vectorworks as a 'Documentation Tool' (ie using it to create contract drawings), it feels like the people creating Vectorworks don't have much idea of how this process works, or have themselves been documenters. These are some of our major gripes with documenting in Vectorworks: - Elevation and Section viewports are SLOW (hinders documentation efficiency) - Basic documentation tools like titleblock is SLOW (hinders document issuing time) - Advanced Text Editing functionalities is LACKING (we would like to do all specifications in Vectorworks) - Ability to add images to 'record formats' is LACKING (we would like to do all schedules in Vectorworks) - Understanding of how a drawing should look is LACKING (take for example any 3D objects, and how it appears as wireframe in Top/Plan view) - Understanding of construction concepts is LACKING (take for example wall, skirting boards, and floor styles) We throw resource (people) at documentation phase to mitigate the above problems. And therefore Project Sharing is important to us. So, back to the issue of Project Sharing: With Project Sharing performing so poorly, it compounds the inefficiencies of Vectorworks as a documentation tool. We, too, don't need online collaboration, we just need Vectorworks Project Sharing to not cause us constant data loss. Hence, we ask for a more efficient and stable way to conduct Project Sharing, something like BIMserver.
  22. With @Boh's worksheet above (thanks boh!) we were able to turn off 'This Titleblock is Active' very quickly But @Nikolay Zhelyazkov we are still not getting speed improvements. If Vectorworks is only designed for projects with 50 or less pages of drawings , then please let me know because this would definitely NOT be the software my company should grow with. If Vectorworks is intended for any scale of projects, with the ability to handle hundreds of pages of drawing, then @Nikolay Zhelyazkov please improve your Titleblock PIO so it can handle that amount of Titleblock data efficiently. This needs to happen quite soon for us (we have lots of drawings) So, unfortunately I need a better answer than this. Thanks.
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