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  1. I can't understand, why it shouldn't be possible to create a multiple extrude from surfaces, which have holes inside. Would be nice to see it in a future release.
  2. It would make handling/editing much easier when the vertexes of a polygon/polyline would be visible during editing the object. Same for Rectangles and all other objects. But it could be a great help, esp. during editing polylines with parallel lines, when i could see where the other vertexes are. At the moment the only possibility is to set a loci at each vertex to give this control.
  3. Please allow a kind of Gradient for Atributes. (None, Solid, Pattern, Hatch, Class Style and Gradient). Just the same two boxes to choose a color like we use for patterns, plus an angle for direction - ready! Perhaps a properitie for gradient from side to side or from center to outside.


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