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  1. Just a quick note from us at connectCAD. Workspaces are your territory. Surprising how many people don't know that you can change them to be comfortable for you. Think of it as your desk. We provide a workspace to get you started but it's YOUR space not ours ūüôā Conrad
  2. Conrad P

    So what is this file? machine_uuid.txt?

    Hi Chris, Well I asked the guru and the reply was this: The machine_uuid.txt file contains an identifier that uniquely identifies a machine on which Vectorworks has been installed. It is used by Message Center, in conjunction with network adapter MAC addresses and application serial numbers, in order to identify/validate a Vectorworks client. UUID values can be relied upon to be unique (the chances of any two clients generating the same UUID values are incredibly remote). If the machine_uuid.txt file does not exist upon Vectorworks start-up, it will be created. So it seems to me that it isn't necessarily suitable for licence verification purposes given that it's just a text file and easily tampered with. Conrad
  3. A relatively new file has appeared in the user folder in recent years called 'machine_uuid.txt'. Well sounds like something potentially very useful... Could someone from VW comment on this and let me know what it is and how it is maintained? What I mean is if I go change it what happens? Can I safely use this to identify the machine my stuff is installed on? Conrad
  4. A relatively new file has appeared in the user folder in recent years called 'machine_uuid.txt'. Well sounds like something potentially very useful... Could someone from VW comment on this and let me know what it is and how it is maintained? What I mean is if I go change it what happens? Can I safely use this to identify the machine my stuff is installed on? Conrad
  5. Conrad P

    So what is this file? machine_uuid.txt?

    A relatively new file has appeared in the user folder in recent years called 'machine_uuid.txt'. Well sounds like something potentially very useful... Could someone from VW comment on this and let me know what it is and how it is maintained? What I mean is if I go change it what happens? Can I safely use this to identify the machine my stuff is installed on? Conrad
  6. Conrad P

    Converting internal indexes between drawings

    Pat, the whole thing is a bit iffy. Basically all objects need UUIDs once you start to deal with concepts like linkage between them. And that should be embedded in the app. In SDK there is an internal UUID but the word I have from VW is that the table is not indexed so finding a handle from this id involves searching. Inevitably that will slow down to a crawl as the drawing gets bigger. So I'm stuck with the object name with its good and bad features. Taking a wider view, CAD started out as a replacement for drawing boards, pencils and big sheets of paper. But it is no longer that. Now it is a modelling environment and our expectation is to be able to extract meaningful data from our drawings. Concepts like containment, connection and membership of abstract (non-visual) sets are still not built-in. Adding things like this as an overlay is a lot harder. It's like we're stuck in the '90s. We can draw a line on the screen and measure its physical dimensions but, in our design that line MEANS something. It's part of a model of what we're going to build. Other things are located at it's end points, it crosses boundaries, it's inside certain areas. All that information is still very hard to get at. From my perspective it's not a question any more of optimising what we have. Tweaking just won't cut it. The conceptual level has be lifted out of geometry and into actual design components. Sure we need geometric primitives to design the perfect washbasin for example. And you'll play around with NURBS and all that good stuff. But once you're done that washbasin component goes in a restroom. And the restroom is contained in a section of the building. To function the washbasin needs hot and cold water and a waste connection. It generates flows in these systems that need to be estimated. Yes we've got the geometry, but where's the systems modelling? Must be some 15 years I've been trying to get this message through... Always good to talk anyway. Conrad
  7. Conrad P

    SDKVW(411874) examples crash Vectorworks - anyone else

    Not sure what's going on with the sample code but libcurl managed to prevent VW loading my stuff on Win but not Mac... just FYI.
  8. Hi, SDKVW(411874) is giving me a bit of trouble. My own plug-in is not recognised by VW and the examples supplied crash Vectorworks. Is anyone else seeing this? Conrad
  9. Conrad P

    Converting internal indexes between drawings

    Well Pat as you probably know it's not all that simple. VW silently changed the behaviour of object names under duplication following a customer request. So now <uuid> becomes <uuid>-2 after copy-paste and duplicate. BUT... if you dare duplicate a layer you'll find all your objects with blank names again. There are also some fun variations on the this theme during symbol placement too. I think I've seen the old 'none' value (guess what handle you get when you ask for an object called 'none' ;-) ? In fact the new way of doing this is very neat for us developers. Because if you are using uuids to relate objects the -2 suffix makes it a breeze to locate the duplicated 'friend' of your duplicated object if you see what I mean. So I have entered an improvement request to get this policy applied across the board. Would also be nice if PIOs would reset on layer dupe too.... Oh well back to it I guess... Conrad the Greenhorn
  10. Conrad P

    incompatible plug-in warning

    A new fruit ... I'm seeing this dialog when I compile my code. And I can't for the life of me see where I'm going wrong. This all used to work, and it works on Mac, but Windows is giving me trouble. If I try one of the sample projects (in 401138 - the later one crashes) these load fine. My stuff gets complaints... Anyone know the magic words? Conrad
  11. Conrad P

    incompatible plug-in warning

    Well I've been there and done that. Python is ok and you can send and get JSON which translates beautifully into dictionaries. I'm using that technique to manage on online repository of device data for a year now. libcurl on the Mac was actually very easy indeed. Probably i just have to do it the MS way on Windows and that's all there is to it.
  12. Conrad P

    incompatible plug-in warning

    Hi Joshua Well I have some news on this. It seems to be caused by the libcurl library that I'm trying to squeeze into the Windows build. I haven't had time to fully investigate but I suspect there's a define in the libcurl headers that may be conflicting with our SDK_VERSION define. You get away from VS quirkiness and re-discover it in a new form. On the Mac libcurl is built in so using it to access web resources from within a plug-in is a breeze. Seems like Windows has it's own way of doing http requests so I've got some reading to do. One thing I can say is that trying compile libcurl and openssl for Windows has not been an easy ride. Conrad -- but hey, I'm just a Greenhorn... --
  13. Conrad P

    How to detect layer duplication

    Hmm! getting there... I have a tasty mixture of VS objects and SDK with the Update Manager as chef! Looks like the Update Manager grabs object states and then VS objects don't get them... so we live and learn.
  14. Conrad P

    How to detect layer duplication

    Seems like every 2018 SP does something different. So I thought maybe I'd ask here just in case. I need to get either a notification or an object state or something at least in the Update Manager to tell me that a layer has been duplicated so I can fix the new instances of my objects in it. Is there something I can rely on for at least this year's VW?
  15. Been looking for some definitive info on vectorworks.net and a bit of googling too. Thought I'd just ask instead. Are custom worksheet functions that you call using the RUNSCRIPT() worksheet function excluded from Fundamentals??? Conrad
  16. Thanks for your thoughts Pat, I think it does come down to saves settings. But in any case custom worksheet scripts are slow as old boots so I'm going back to my old way of doing it. Super-fast slick VectorScript !!!
  17. Conrad P

    Converting internal indexes between drawings

    UUID in the object name is the way to go. According to Vlado the name table is indexed and is fast. Internal uuids are not indexed. My 2p worth.
  18. Well yes... I tried that VS function and worksheet scripts stubbornly execute. This has got me pretty puzzled. All over the world there are people happily running my worksheet scripts and there are just two who report that the scripts don't run. And they are both in Greece - it's gotten beyond weird... BUT it may lead to something very interesting indeed. Thanks Pat !!! Conrad - the Greenhorn ;-)
  19. Conrad P

    How to create OIP text input fields for Symbols

    Driving a linked text in a symbol by wrapping it in a PIO is a good technique though you'll come up against a few VW bugs in VW2014. As a first VS project it sounds pretty advanced... If what you actually want to do is automate the business of creating and maintaining audio visual systems drawings then buying our connectCAD plug-in solution will probably be a better use of your time. We like to hear more from you about your requirements, so please take a look at our site and let's begin a discussion. Conrad Preen www.connectcad.com
  20. Conrad P

    ISO pipe drafting

    Hi Peter, This thread looks a bit lost in space but here goes. If you can send me an example of the kind of drawing you need I'll see if connectCAD can be given a twist in this direction. In principle it can handle any kind of connected infrastructure. Conrad
  21. Hi everyone, connectCAD is out !!! connectCAD is the evolution of my add-on product Neatworkz. connectCAD is an amazingly simple and intuitive CAD tool for designing systems of connected things. We started off in the broadcast industry keeping track of the thousands of cables used to send signals around radio & TV broadcast centers. Now we have users who design museum exhibits with compressed air and water plumbing - it's the same principle and it was easy for them to do thanks to the flexibility of our product. But good software on its own isn't enough. Just as MiniCAD morphed into the giant Vectorworks, the time has come for us to go up to a new level and 'connectCAD' tells the story a whole lot better. We feel that connectCAD also sounds much cooler and we're sure you'll also like the great new icon. We're also taking this opportunity to restructure the way we sell our product. The old structure of a fixed annual support fee didn't properly reflect the fact that 90% of support requests come in the first 2 weeks of use. So now the initial download and activation fee includes support, and we're charging a much lower renewal fee. We believe this is a lot fairer. Check us out on www.connectcad.com Conrad Preen
  22. Thanks for the comments everyone. There's a demo version for Vectorworks distributors/resellers only. If you are a one of these contact me to get a demo licence. Conrad
  23. Conrad P

    VectorScriot or ...

    Just to chip in here concerning Vlad's first question. For myself the most important feature of VS compared with SDK is that VS is (mostly) platform-agnostic. There's already enough hassle taking care of all the peccadilloes of different VW versions thanks to the lack of conditional compilation directives in VS. If I moved to SDK every release would need twice as much work. A language with better facilities and a more advanced IDE ( dialog builders, oop etc. ) would be just great but I think it must be cross-platform like VS. Conrad Neatworkz
  24. Neatworkz is a connectivity design add-on for Vectorworks primarily aimed at broadcast and audio-visual systems. It allows you to create schematic diagrams, physical layouts and then derive accurate wire lists for installation. New in version 9: smart Connect, smart Edit, Insert Device Tool, smart arrows and user-definable record fields Check it out at www.neatworkz.tv


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