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  1. quote: Originally posted by jkrentz: We would like to know when the update is available also. I can not seem to get a date from Nemetschek. The reason NNA doesn't tend to give out dates for things like this is that it's more important to get it right than to hit a particular date. The worst thing NNA could do is release a new version that, even if it solves many problems, has a problem that is so vital to the operation of VectorWorks that the upgrade is useless. So they try to make sure that doesn't happen, rather than trying to push for a particular date. ------------------ Andrew Bell andrewb@nemetschek.net I am not an official spokesperson for NNA
  2. quote: Originally posted by mdilday: When opening VW 9.0 I get an errro message, "Failed to write to required registery enteries. Error number: 5-Access Denied-you do not have permisssion to write to the required registery enteries." Log on to your machine as administrator and start up VectorWorks. VW is trying to add registry entries so Windows will recognize .mcd files as being VW files, but is not allowed to do so as you don't have permission to change the system-wide setting. Once you do this, you should be able to log in as your normal self and run VectorWorks as normal. ------------------ Andrew Bell andrewb@nemetschek.net I am not an official spokesperson for NNA
  3. quote: Originally posted by P Retondo: It would be a powerful improvement to the program if all objects associated with a 3D entity moved with it, and always occupied the same position with respect to the origin. You can rotate an extrude, and even rotate it out of the ground plane, so there are many situations where that simply wouldn't apply. One thing you might consider if you need this is using a "floor" object, which is similar to an extrude, but if rotated or moved its internal 2-D object moves or rotates. In general, though, I can see the value of having more context information when you're editing objects. ------------------ Andrew Bell andrewb@nemetschek.net I am not an official spokesperson for NNA
  4. quote: Originally posted by petri_sakkinen: I have this polygon, well, in fact a polyline, coming from somewhere else, with 32571 vertices. With VW 8.5.2, its behaviour is erratic. When converted to a polygon, a third wont be able to be filled. When I simplify it by deleting every second vertex, it becomes manageable. However, with VW 9 nothing helps & nothing works. If I try to convert to a polygon, VW just dies. I guess this is progress - maybe junior users like myself don't just understand how things are. Have you submitted it to bugsubmit@nemetschek.net? I don't see anything like this in the buglist. We can't fix it if we don't know it's broken. (If you have reported it, and it hasn't been properly recorded by us, my apologies.) ------------------ Andrew Bell andrewb@nemetschek.net I am not an official spokesperson for NNA
  5. When it crashes, does it give you any info about where? If you get something like DDraw.DLL, for example, I think it may be possible that you have a version optimized for P3s rather than Athlons, and that could cause a problem. Otherwise, the speed of the CPU should not be an issue. ------------------ Andrew Bell andrewb@nemetschek.net I am not an official spokesperson for NNA
  6. I believe the behavior of the dragging has changed such that it only matters whether the ctrl/option key is pressed when the mouse button is released. Note that the cursor changes depending on whether the key is down (the little + symbol appears if it's going to create a duplicate), so you do get visual feedback of what's happening. So you can drag what you want to duplicate without holding any keys, and then press the key just before you release the mouse button. You don't need to hold it the whole time. ------------------ Andrew Bell andrewb@nemetschek.net I am not an official spokesperson for NNA
  7. quote: Originally posted by jhutchison: . Finally, PrintoPDF is not working with VA9, but it works great with 8.5.2. It is my understanding that versions of PrintToPDF prior to 2.2 (possibly everything but 2.2.2) works with VW9/VWA9. You can still download older versions of PrintToPDF from ftp://ftp.jwwalker.com If you try this, and it works, let us know what works (and what doesn't.) I believe it's still being looked into to figure out exactly what's going on. ------------------ Andrew Bell andrewb@nemetschek.net I am not an official spokesperson for NNA
  8. For more information, check the "Video card woes" topic under the General Discussion board. Note that this particular section of the message board is intended for discussing what we should make tech notes about, not about bugs or program features, so any further inquiries are best submitted to more appropriate sections of the board. (Not that we'll growl at you or anything, it's just you'll probably get better and quicker answers.) ------------------ Andrew Bell andrewb@nemetschek.net I am not an official spokesperson for NNA
  9. No, this is not an "official" response. Note the disclaimer. VW selection handles are drawn in what is called XOR mode, where rather than drawing a specific color, the existing colors on screen are reversed. Thus the same code draws black handles in white background and white handles in black background. VW uses it because it is fast, as you can restore the original screen ("erase" the handles) by XORing the same screen region. (This can also be a problem. If you have two selected objects with handles in the same place, the handles cancel each other out.) As a general rule, this is a much less common operation than drawing a solid color. A lot of other apps may not use it at all. So driver writers may miss the problem in testing. It's possible Apple provided some code to both nVidia and ATI, or had a flaw in the documentation, leading to both incorrectly implementing this aspect of the video driver. (It's also possible NNA is misunderstanding some detail of the video API, although since it works with other cards and OS X, this seems unlikely.) Unfortunately, they're probably more interested in OS X and would prefer never to work on OS 9 drivers again, but have you tried contacting them? Multiple customer comments might help spur them to fix it. Meanwhile I nudged some higher-ups to make sure they knew this is a significant problem and to try to expedite a fix. ------------------ Andrew Bell andrewb@nemetschek.net I am not an official spokesperson for NNA
  10. quote: Originally posted by alan: Firstly I take offence to the "here is the actual message" when it is exactly the same as the one I posted. Offense should not be taken, I was quoting your quote in order to respond -- thus the single tics around the whole thing -- but clearly the single tics weren't nearly obvious enough. I've fixed the original message. ------------------ Andrew Bell andrewb@nemetschek.net I am not an official spokesperson for NNA
  11. Spotlight 8.5 is built on VW 8.5, so you should not lose anything that is in the base package. ------------------ Andrew Bell andrewb@nemetschek.net I am not an official spokesperson for NNA
  12. Hmm. That doesn't seem to be one of our strings, so it may be put in by the Microsoft compiler. Our product specs specify "A Pentium or greater." The Cyrix 133 isn't a Pentium (Pentiums are specific Intel chips), but the Cyrix is meant to Pentium compatible, I believe, just as Athlons are now. So it seems the intro code the compiler puts into the project isn't recognizing the Cyrix as a Pentium. I don't know what we can do about that -- it would be hard for us even to test a change if we did make one -- but I'll buglist it. In the meantime, you might want to consider looking at (say) the prices on refurbished Dells... (No NNA endorsement of Dell products should be inferred from this, I was just looking at their pages out of my own interest.) ------------------ Andrew Bell andrewb@nemetschek.net I am not an official spokesperson for NNA
  13. Failed solids can be edited via the edit group command. Sometimes editing and exiting will cure the problem, and sometimes it will reveal what is the problem (you've hidden the classes of all of the components, for example.) ------------------ Andrew Bell mailto:andrewb@nemetschek.net
  14. What sort of response are you expecting? Folks at NNA certainly read them, and there's a reasonable chance of many being in the next version. And this is generally the time when the bigwigs (I'm a littlewig) of NNA decide on what should go in the next release. But that isn't, essentially, a public discussion.
  15. quote: Actually here's the message "The issue with disappearing handles is a video driver issue. While our engineers are looking for a way to work around the driver bug. It is up to the graphic card manufacturer to fix their drivers." And that's a very accurate answer. If changing a video card setting, driver, or extension removes a problem, that fundamentally is the source of the problem. NNA can put in a workaround and probably will have to, but it's a lot of effort to go to for someone else's blunder. ---- Andrew Bell andrewb@nemetschek.net I am not an official spokesperson for NNA [This message has been edited by Andrew Bell@NNA (edited 05-08-2001).]
  16. "[...] is there anything good about VW 9, why should I upgrade?" I hope so, ~25 of us have been working on it for more than two years now. Check out the web site for a description of the changes. "Deneba has offered their 2.02 package at $329" While DenebaCAD looks to have some good stuff, they don't seem to have an internal programming language (like VectorScript) or any sort of plug-in capability, though I may be wrong. From a look at their message forum, they apparently don't have many users either. That can't bode well for the future of the product. "Are users that unhappy with V'works 9?" Users that have problems post. The ones that don't have problems generally don't. So it's very hard to tell from a message forum or mailing list. ------------------ Andrew Bell mailto:andrewb@nemetschek.net
  17. VectorWorks really doesn't have buttons as you describe them. The thing that behaves similarly to what you want is a menu item. You can create a menu item with an associated script by selecting the "Create Plug-in" menu item, pressing the "New" button, and adding a script to the menu item you create. ------------------ Andrew Bell mailto:andrewb@nemetschek.net
  18. While it's a little less elegant than a direct system, one way to do this is to create your off-angle stuff as a symbol, and then insert the rotated symbol in the main drawing. Another alternative is to create a layer link and rotate that. Both of these approaches have limitations relative to a rotatable coordinate system, however.


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