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  1. I would imagine if it was Video Drivers or quicktime, You wouldn't even be able to open or edit a document. Sounds like it could be disk write access issues (access rights/security) Have you tried logging on to another user or admin and trying to save a VW file? Also, what brudgers said. Run CHKDSK /F on the volume where VW is located.
  2. There is no GDI+ option in my version, VW 12.5. Anti-Aliasing doesn't change the output for the grid lines either. I tried to do this one time too but ending up just drawing my own lines. :grin:
  3. I tried printing in color to a B/W laserjet and the lines came out extremely light. Then I changed the document to B/W only and printed. The lines came out a little darker this time (still light though). They might be visible on an Inkjet printer this way. (document settings > document preferences)
  4. Thanks for the advice. I had that user added to the local admin group and now VW viewer runs without crashing.
  5. FYI; a PC with a core 2 duo processor can install and run Leopard. http://dailyapps.net/2007/10/hack-attack-install-leopard-on-your-pc-in-3-easy-steps/
  6. Migrating to a new user account would be tough to do because there are ALOT of accounts tied to that username. I'm not sure what security/permission to change to avoid this DLL error. :crazy: Thanks for the ideas, I'll keep digging. Also, there was no problem with Vectorworks viewer 11. I would have kept that except all of our material prints were updated to VW 12.5
  7. Hi, I updated from VW viewer 11.5 to VW Viewer 12.5 and it crashes at start-up with a NTDLL.DLL error message. I googled this but only seem to get solutions for when it happens in Internet Explorer when you get an NTDLL error. When I logon to the PC as another user and run VW Viewer 12.5, there is no error message. I can't figure out what could be causing this problem. I tried updating quicktime, using an older version of quicktime, running chkdsk on my HDD, replacing the DLL file. Nothing was installed on the PC in about 3 months, so I know it's not a software/hardware conflict. Could it be something else?


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