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  1. Though better than previously, the TEXT NOTE, CALLOUT TOOL, & KEYNOTE TOOLS and their menu counterparts require too many steps and need serious streamlining and more in tune with work flow. Relative to my view of the universe, it would be ideal to have one tool with simple mode options for the tool types which will allow access to all or many of the options in the menu, ie (preferences, database, manager, and create notes). While cruising along my merry way and wanting to generate a note, I want to be able to select the tool, say KEYNOTE for example, and select, or directly add to and select the database from one location on the fly instead of having to go into a database input mode, then select the tool and find and reselect the notes I just typed into the database. The same would be true for the TEXT TOOL & CALLOUT TOOLS. (I also wonder why we need both of these tools versus a combined one.) I also wish the KEYNOTE object acted more like the CALLOUT TOOL where the box and leader line are one editable object. As it is now, after creating a KEYNOTE ' of too many objects' (text, rectangle, & two lines), the box is in front of the text, has to be sent back if I want it filled, and must be grouped to keep things together. Also, after moving and needing to change the leader line length and/or angle, this object takes multiple steps and time to resize. I'm definitely curious of how others use these tools and notes in general, whether or not Nemetschek is looking at refinements, and if it is possible to create a plug-in (or any already exist) that could help streamline these shortcomings. Terry
  2. An easy option is to draw contours and convert them to FLOORS and move them to their desired elevation.
  3. Additional thoughts: After importing DWG/DXF files, not only do you sometimes import new symbols, classes, and layers, but also DASH STYLES. It makes me wonder if the new DASH STYLES could create some conflict which causes crashes? Each of my drawing files has evolved from prior drawing files (the main reason is that you can't transport SAVED SHEETS). At varying degrees of frequency VW will crash and then not for a while one file based on another will not have as many problems while the other will. Gremlins or miscellaneous objects or combinations of objects and attributes picked up along the way creating conflicts or is it the software?
  4. This may be related to the grayed class problem you stated. I was deleting all objects by layer to set up a file for a new project. As I was scrolling through the layers with Command down-arrow, every time I came to a particular grayed site plan layer with an imported DWG lines and text, VectorWorks Architect would crash. I tried it six times to make sure and it crashed everytime. I'm on a Mac w/VW 9.5.1 & MacOS X 10.1.4.
  5. Unless you have a better way to deal with all of the line segments and memory associated with rendering and hidden line removal, extruding polygons versus circles might save you some time & headaches.
  6. Have you checked out the Split Tool? It seems like it does essentially what 'Command T' does with a line. It would be the same as 'Command T' if you could split or cut with objects other than lines. Seems like combining the split & trim tools into one tool with different modes would be a little more streamlined. ------------------ Terry Ackerman TMA Fine Home Design
  7. An alternative for additional Vectorworks help is the Minicad/Vectorworks User Discussion List established in 1998. Access @ http://www.VECTORWORKS-L@PEACH.EASE.LSOFT.COM/archives/vectorworks-l.html . Currently, there are about 400 memebrs to the list. When a question or response is posted it is sent to all members on the list. This procedure gets your question or response to whoever is on the list. All messages are archived. The archives may also help you with finding answers or additional information. It's definitely worth checking out. ------------------ Terry Ackerman TMA Fine Home Design [This message has been edited by tmadsign (edited 04-26-2001).]
  8. I agree. The trim tool doesn't quite cover the loss of the trim command. A new mode added to the trim tool would be an improvement, but returning the 'command-T' or other keystroke after drawing a cutting object is very efficient and would be best.
  9. quote: Originally posted by Colman Stephenson: Does anybody have experience of using Graphics tablets and VW for architectural work? Is this a useful way to work? Does it make any difference with tablet I use? Very grateful for any advice Colman Stephenson I've been using a Graphire Tablet 4" x 5"(even w/two monitors).. It is plenty big and less than $100. It works great for every day work w/vectorworks. Cuts down on fatigue w/ a mouse and productivity increases. Get one!!!!
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