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  1. Pat I have to thank you for referring me to Neatworkz. It is absolutely brilliant. Ignore the fact that it is primarily (at first sight at least) a tool for the Audio Visual / TV Studio market. It can easily be applied to other electrical applications and it is remarkably easy to create your own symbols. In comparison to Autocad Electrical it offers far greater control over positionning of circuits and the overall look and feel of the drawing.
  2. BillV

    SP3 Install

    We will post a technical report to NNA with the install and update logs. When we get a reply will post it here.
  3. BillV

    SP3 Install

    The only way I have been able to recover this is: Delete VW2009 folder completely with Application Delete Reinstall 2009 Then Install SP2 Upgrade. I will hang fire on the SP3 Upgrade!
  4. BillV

    SP3 Install

    Thanks. I am running the utility now. Will let you know.
  5. BillV

    SP3 Install

    No. Have you installed SP3 successfully
  6. BillV

    SP3 Install

    I have just installed SP3 and Vectorworks will not run at all. This was on MacBook Pro. I then reinstalled VW and loaded SP2 with the same result. We are NZ agents and have a client who has experienced same on their machine. Suggest if you are going to attempt this you should take a back up. Has anyone else experienced this?
  7. Interesting idea and very useful. Sorry I do not have a suggestion as to how to solve it at this stage!
  8. This is a field I have been looking at to try to help some of my clients. I sell VW in New Zealand and have a number of clients in the Theatre and event industry. I have been looking at Neaatworkz (http://www.neatworkz.tv/) I have just started going through programme which runs within VW and it appears to do some of the tasks discussed here. Bill
  9. Thanks I will look at Julian's animation add on.
  10. Apart from VW script is there any way to "animate' two 3D solids. What I am looking at is a spur gear being turned to move a spur gear rack (or similar) If this is not available now what are the chances of it becoming available in the future given that Solidworks can do this.
  11. Thanks for that. Appreciate the feedback.
  12. Does anyone have experience of this sort of output? Is it best done as dwf or dwg and how accurate is it.? Any comments would be appreciated.
  13. Thanks for that. I am about to download neatworkz but it looks as though it could be really useful. Have successfully downloaded some symbols from Ray's suggestion and they imported (and edited) in VW 2009.
  14. I am looking for a broader range of electric and electronic symbols for use in electrical component and product design. Can anyone offer any ideas or suggestions where we can source these in VWX format or possibly DWF/DWG for import.
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