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  1. I am seeking feedback on the demand for a tool to create roof flashings. Typically for tiled roofs there would be tiles along the hips and ridge, in metal roofs there would be metal flashings. In gullys there would be a variety of solutions such as metal or butynol rubber.. To draw these takes a lot of time and a tool to do this would appear to belong overdue. Our competitors have this facility.
  2. Thanks for that. The confirmation alone is great. Have you used VW in the past on such projects, and were any not covered by NDA that you could name? Also is you current usage utilising all of VW or just a specific discipline like Landmark.
  3. Is anyone involved in Theme Park Design using Vectorworks. Preferably for design of the full park or elements of the park. Any similar venue designs which may be relevant would also be useful.
  4. Thanks Christian. I am working with a team doing some 40 Passivhaus projects. The issue is that there is very little information available to explain how Energos measures your input, which is essential to get your results correct. The overall result is interesting, but not really valid as direct input to the Passivhaus PHP which you need to complete to obtain certification. Many of the categories that you fill in to make Energos work must be entered directly in much more detail in the PHP. So the conclusion I have reached is that Energos to Passivhaus has potential for concept design to ensure you are on the right lines, but it is in no way going to facilitate certification. Vectorworks does not really allow you also to easily set lambda values for wall components. If you have a framing component in a wall this will have say, polystyrene or wool insulation ie 2 components, but you have to enter a lambda value for the 2 together. Passivhaus as a concept is fantastic but I feel Energos is simply a guideline at present. I understand Passivhaus is becoming quite big in the UK and Ireland and know of a number of schools built to Passivhaus standard. There are currently 7 certified houses in Australia and 11 in NZ.
  5. I am interested to make contact with any Architects / Designers based in Europe who are using Vectorworks and the Energos Module in any form to design a Passivhaus project. We are interested to see how you use Energos in relation to the Passivhaus PHP. Please make contact via the community board so that we can start a dialogue on this.
  6. Very helpful. Thank you so much for your reply.
  7. Thanks for the post. I would be interested to see how you created the custom setting. Did you modify the .xml files? I also posted this in relation to wall styles which have a significant bearing on the energy value !
  8. There seems to be a fundamental flaw which renders the Energos module very difficult to use. Are there are deficiencies in the way it is implemented or are we missing something. I have reviewed this with Jonathan Pickup and we have both come to this conclusion. If you look at Energos Project Settings and USAGE you will see only Residential (very limited options) If you look at the Energy Analysis Folder in the Libraries you see many other usage settings - hotel, ;ibrary museum etc. However there is no drop down list to allow you to select anything apart from residential. A similar situation appears for SYSTEMS where a search of the Energy Analysis folder shows many varied systems. So my question is how do we address what is in the library from these windows? We can accept that country specific data is then required for a project to be drawn but the setup leaves much to be desired.
  9. When you create a wall style and other styles (roof or slab) for a Passivhaus project you cannot do this in the way that you need to. If you are using traditional timber framing with insulation there is no way to add the Lambda value for the both the timber and the insulation used within the timber framing. See attached image. If you are using a SIPS panel then you can readily do this. But check out some of the construction methods here and you will see the need for this to be amended.
  10. I have been to a Passivhaus Conference for the last 4 days. It is clear that this concept is gaining momentum especially in Germany, Ireland and England and China. We are seeing even large commercial projects such as blocks of Student flats (Vienna) 20 story social housing in China, a leisure centre with swimming pool in Exeter and a large teaching block at at Polytech in Ireland. Whilst not all use SIPS many do in fact use this method. Ironically a major US manufacturer at the conference said "I can export all my panels to Revit, Autocad, Sketchup (which has a PHP add on module) and to Archicad" There was NO mention of Vectorworks. I approached Robert Anderson two years ago to enquire id VW would consider SIPs but he felt that Architects would prefer to draw walls and leave it to the SIPS manufacturers to then work out the number of panels, I strongly suspect that if we do not consider this then Archicad will come up with this solution. We are the only software with Passivhaus surely the addition of SIPS is a must have!
  11. I have exported a web view on this machine and am trying to open the view on Chrome. I have done this successfully several times. I have just installed SP2 and am now getting a message that my video card does not support WebGL. Is anyone else experiencing this? I have the power saver and auto card switching off so it should be using the NVidia card as opposed to the Intel Card
  12. Have tested this in both Yosemite and El Capitan and I understand that is being addressed in SP2 We do not have SP2 yet in NZ.
  13. In the new Resource Manager I note that you cannot hold down the shift key to select multiple items which is a feature of Finder in the MAC OS. Is this a bug or intentional. I am using Yosemite.
  14. I used Fundamentals this am on behalf of a client who has a strong interest in trying Marionette to replace the many Vector Scripts he has created and used for many years. Sadly Marionette is not available in Fundamentals. Given that you have the ability to do scripts in that version would it not be logical to have Marionette there as well.
  15. BillV

    ies Files

    Does anyone have a series of .IES files for 50 watt halogens or 4 or 5 watt LED halogen replacements. Different beam spreads would also be very useful.
  16. The Knowledgebase can be a potential source of very useful information. However the search facility leaves much to be desired. A simple search of "Vectorworks 2009 System Requirements" produced 28 pages of results but nothing matching my criteria on pages 1 to 5 plus a wealth of information not even remotely connected to the search. A trip to Google located the exact reference instantly. Surely something could be done to improve the search on the Kbase.
  17. Thanks Bruce It works !!
  18. The old - and much used Custom Arrow Tool - no longer appears to function in 2016. Can anyone throw any light as to who created this - Vectorworks or a Third Party? Has anyone successfully installed and used it or modified it to run in 2015 and 2016?
  19. I have found the Line Light feature very useful for LED strip lighting in Interior Design - especially kitchens. In 2016 it produces a very uneven light. In earlier version this was more even. Any comments Jim ?
  20. In a programme where there is such a strong emphasis on 3d a live 3d Window view would really enhance 3d capability I would find the ability to work on the 2d plane (Top and Plan View) and simultaneously have a 3d model in a window on the same screen or second screen very useful. The attached screen shot is from another Nemetschek product and shows clearly that this is possible. It actually has two 3d windows which can be in wireframe or other formats.
  21. Thanks Benson I need to research further.
  22. Thanks Benson I drew an extruded poly (in Vectorworks) and then a bench top in Interirocad. Both transpose perfectly into the 3d pdf. I tried as you suggested converting to 3d polys but made no difference I think the issue lies with the fact that the documents were created in earlier versions of VW as the issues I have had, have all been created originally in version 2015 or 2014 then opened and saved in 2016. I must say all our clients are raving about the 3d pdf ! Thanks for your help - it forced me to look further.
  23. When drawing kitchens I use the benchtop tool in Icad and also the Extrude Tool in Vectorworks. Both produce a similar result. I find that any solid extrude will not show up in a 3d pdf export. Any advice would be welcome.
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