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  1. With walls I am sure there are many users who would want to see more realistic Wall Coverings instead of the current Texturing which has been around seemingly for ever.  This image shows what can be done with an existing tool - Create Planar Display - to produce an accurate siding weather board.   The second image shows metal siding/ roofing material.  How difficult is it then to extend this and produce realistic wall coverings.



  2. I have created a few grass textures. In the attached image the grass texture creates some annoying horizontal shoots. The higher the density the more shoots I get. In a planter box for ornamental grasses this looks kind strange!  I have included a screen shot of my settings for the texture


    Is this a bug or a new type of grass - Herba Vectorworkus  perhaps !  Any help here would be welcome.

    Long Grass 1.png

    Long Grass Setting.png

  3. Dave, there appears to be an issue importing Sketchup these days. It used to work well  but it appears the necessary translators have not been updated for some time in Vectorworks. I ran a test on Vectorworks 2019 on Mac OS 10.14 and was unable to import version 2019, 2018 and 2017 Sketchup files  The 2019 had been produced with Sketchup Pro.  It was only when I got back to a very much earlier Sketchup model that the import worked. Given how many of our Architects use Sketchup this could become a real issue.  I have attached a Schneider wall socket file for test.

    4025XA_SOCKET_OUTLET_10A_TWIN_WITH_EXTRA_SWITCH_Horizon_Silver 2019.skp


  4. There is a clear need for an ability to draw walls as panels. This method of production is common in Europe and increasingly so elsewhere. We are seeing a move towards factory production using SIPS panels  and its worth noting that this is available as a plug in Autocad. Unfortunately when I raised this NVI some time ago it was deemed not necessary. Go figure!


  5. Good call Marissa that works well. On another note have you seen or created a Marionette to create a SIPS Panel. We are seeing a lot of SIPS being used and no software really addresses that. I can create a panel but it becomes a Group which does not allow me to insert a window or door which is what is needed when cutting the panel on a CNC via DXF. Any ideas would be welcome.


  6. Has any thought been given to allow a Marionette wrapper to be placed on a New Tool Set


    I know you can create a menu item - it appears under Tools> Marionette Commands and which is stored in your User Library.


    To be able to select your wrapper and then edit via OIP would be great.  Alternatively have the Node create a Tool on a tool set.

  7. BG


    I have to stress that the tool is a beta version only.  Both Jonathan and I had input in the same way with the foliage tool.  Your feedback is important though as all the comments so far are very relevant relevant and appreciated.  Please bear in mind the value of Andrea's contribution these things start off as a hobby for him  and he still provides the downspout for free. 

    What is important I feel is that if we make enough noise someone at NVI will wake up and take notice. Surely roofs in the US have gutters, flashings and downspouts  or maybe none of the homes owned by NVI employees have those items!  


    In answer to the question about brackets the answer is yes and the spacing is variable.


    Aspect Design -  I don't regard what we are asking for as small stuff. It is fundamental to virtually any building!



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  8. The Plant Definition does not appear to give the user the ability to assign a plant to a particular class. This would appear to be a useful feature which would be very valuable when using the select similar tool for instance or in a large scale planting. Currently it appears to default to NONE. All comments appreciated.

  9. Jim

    Thanks for your comments. The more contributors to this dialogue the better chance we have to initiate some action from NVI.

    In respect of downspouts use this link to download Andrea Facchinello's Free downspout tool:


    He wrote the Foliage Plug In that is now in Landmark. I understand he is working on a guttering tool. If he can do it and still pursue his Architectural career what is stopping  Vectorworks !

  10. I am surprised that this topic has generated so little comment. Attached is a composite image of residential homes in Australia, UK and Germany. One thing they all have in common is roof flashings  in the form of tiles or steel on ridges and in valleys. Why does Vectorworks not address this as part of the Roof Tool or as an AEC Plug in. Having to manually draw these features is complex and time consuming. Surely the point of the software is to improve the workflow. 

    Typical UK House.jpg

    German House.jpg

    NZ :Aus Metal Roof.jpg

  11. We have been Vectorworks agents for 20 years and have a good installed base of Interiorcad Users. We have also developed a range of Plug Ins to Interiorcad which facilitate such things such as grain matching  and mortice and tenon joints. We  have provided training and support to users in the US.


    As you may have seen from my earlier post we can  provide output to CNC via Enroute  (for nesting) or to Alphacam and aspan.

  12. Can you please consider as a matter of urgency  for back referencing to be added to the Drawing Label sheet number when using auto coordination.  This is a basic feature that is missing.

    So on linked viewports & on section viewports etc it shows where the detail or section is coming from.


    Our major competitors all have this. It is really important for an efficient workflow.

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