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  1. The Plant Definition does not appear to give the user the ability to assign a plant to a particular class. This would appear to be a useful feature which would be very valuable when using the select similar tool for instance or in a large scale planting. Currently it appears to default to NONE. All comments appreciated.
  2. Jim Thanks for your comments. The more contributors to this dialogue the better chance we have to initiate some action from NVI. In respect of downspouts use this link to download Andrea Facchinello's Free downspout tool: https://andreafacchinello.wordpress.com/downspouts-free/ He wrote the Foliage Plug In that is now in Landmark. I understand he is working on a guttering tool. If he can do it and still pursue his Architectural career what is stopping Vectorworks !
  3. I am surprised that this topic has generated so little comment. Attached is a composite image of residential homes in Australia, UK and Germany. One thing they all have in common is roof flashings in the form of tiles or steel on ridges and in valleys. Why does Vectorworks not address this as part of the Roof Tool or as an AEC Plug in. Having to manually draw these features is complex and time consuming. Surely the point of the software is to improve the workflow.
  4. BillV


    We have been Vectorworks agents for 20 years and have a good installed base of Interiorcad Users. We have also developed a range of Plug Ins to Interiorcad which facilitate such things such as grain matching and mortice and tenon joints. We have provided training and support to users in the US. As you may have seen from my earlier post we can provide output to CNC via Enroute (for nesting) or to Alphacam and aspan.
  5. Can you please consider as a matter of urgency for back referencing to be added to the Drawing Label sheet number when using auto coordination. This is a basic feature that is missing. So on linked viewports & on section viewports etc it shows where the detail or section is coming from. Our major competitors all have this. It is really important for an efficient workflow.
  6. It would be very useful to be able to adjust the XYZ coordinates for a background. How difficult would this be?
  7. Thanks Alan for your input in agreeing it is needed, but thanks also for the video.
  8. I am seeking feedback on the demand for a tool to create roof flashings. Typically for tiled roofs there would be tiles along the hips and ridge, in metal roofs there would be metal flashings. In gullys there would be a variety of solutions such as metal or butynol rubber.. To draw these takes a lot of time and a tool to do this would appear to belong overdue. Our competitors have this facility.
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  10. BillV

    Theme Park Design

    Thanks for that. The confirmation alone is great. Have you used VW in the past on such projects, and were any not covered by NDA that you could name? Also is you current usage utilising all of VW or just a specific discipline like Landmark.
  11. BillV

    Theme Park Design

    Is anyone involved in Theme Park Design using Vectorworks. Preferably for design of the full park or elements of the park. Any similar venue designs which may be relevant would also be useful.
  12. Thanks Christian. I am working with a team doing some 40 Passivhaus projects. The issue is that there is very little information available to explain how Energos measures your input, which is essential to get your results correct. The overall result is interesting, but not really valid as direct input to the Passivhaus PHP which you need to complete to obtain certification. Many of the categories that you fill in to make Energos work must be entered directly in much more detail in the PHP. So the conclusion I have reached is that Energos to Passivhaus has potential for concept design to ensure you are on the right lines, but it is in no way going to facilitate certification. Vectorworks does not really allow you also to easily set lambda values for wall components. If you have a framing component in a wall this will have say, polystyrene or wool insulation ie 2 components, but you have to enter a lambda value for the 2 together. Passivhaus as a concept is fantastic but I feel Energos is simply a guideline at present. I understand Passivhaus is becoming quite big in the UK and Ireland and know of a number of schools built to Passivhaus standard. There are currently 7 certified houses in Australia and 11 in NZ.
  13. I am interested to make contact with any Architects / Designers based in Europe who are using Vectorworks and the Energos Module in any form to design a Passivhaus project. We are interested to see how you use Energos in relation to the Passivhaus PHP. Please make contact via the community board so that we can start a dialogue on this.
  14. BillV

    Using The Energos Module

    Very helpful. Thank you so much for your reply.
  15. BillV

    Using The Energos Module

    Thanks for the post. I would be interested to see how you created the custom setting. Did you modify the .xml files? I also posted this in relation to wall styles which have a significant bearing on the energy value !