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  1. It can be somewhat embarrassing that the writers of the documentation expect me to read past 10 to 15 lines to take advantage of the documentation.
  2. If I concatenate the file name to the end of the result of GetFolderPath(189), it all works great. So... is there a list of constants for the folders in the application library?
  3. I'm trying to copy a symbol from a file in one of the VW libraries, but failing miserably. Code below. PROCEDURE AttachAccessory; {$DEBUG} (* 'Light Acc Iris' 'Light Acc 6.25in Short Top Hat' *) CONST kcr = chr(13); VAR TheLight :HANDLE; TheAcc :HANDLE; AccIndex :LONGINT; PosX, PosY :REAL; PosRot :REAL; Rot3DX :REAL; Rot3DY :REAL; Rot3DZ :REAL; Pos3DX :REAL; Pos3DY :REAL; Pos3DZ :REAL; VWAccFile :STRING; OK :BOOLEAN; BEGIN TheAcc := NIL; OK := TRUE; {I HAVE TRIED EACH OF THE PATHWAYS BELOW. I'm obviously missing something} (*VWAccFile := CONCAT('Macintosh HD', GetFolderPath(13),'Plug-ins/Objects - Ent Lighting Accessories/Accessories Generic.vwx');*) (*VWAccFile := CONCAT(GetFolderPath(13),'Plug-ins/Objects - Ent Lighting Accessories/Accessories Generic.vwx');*) VWAccFile := 'Plug-ins/Objects - Ent Lighting Accessories/Accessories Generic.vwx'; (*VWAccFile := CONCAT('Macintosh HD', GetFolderPath(13),'Plug-ins\Objects - Ent Lighting Accessories\Accessories Generic.vwx');*) (*VWAccFile := CONCAT(GetFolderPath(13),'Plug-ins\Objects - Ent Lighting Accessories\Accessories Generic.vwx');*) (*VWAccFile := 'Plug-ins\Objects - Ent Lighting Accessories\Accessories Generic.vwx';*) AlrtDialog(concat('VWAccFile = ', VWAccFile)); TheAcc := GetObject('Light Acc 6.25in Short Top Hat'); IF TheAcc = NIL THEN BEGIN OK := CopySymbol(VWAccFile, 'Light Acc 6.25in Short Top Hat'); IF OK THEN BEGIN AlrtDialog('Copy MADE'); Symbol('Light Acc 6.25in Short Top Hat', 0, 0, 0); END ELSE AlrtDialog('Copy FAILED'); END ELSE BEGIN AlrtDialog('Symbol in Document'); Symbol('Light Acc 6.25in Short Top Hat', 0, 0, 0); END; REDRAWALL; END; RUN(AttachAccessory);
  4. What TD workflow are you thinking about? What tools and commands do you need?
  5. Kind of a catch 22. I can force a recalculation via a script, but I cannot run the script until the sheet is recalculated.
  6. 2 questions so close in meaning: What causes a recalculation? Is there a way to force a recalculation?
  7. I want to create a worksheet script that will write some of the contents of the worksheet to a tab delimited file. The contents of the script is pretty straight forward as is specifying the path to the script in the RunScript function call. My question is, when does the script run? I am assuming that the function call must be in a cell of the worksheet "=RunScript()", but I could be wrong. Is entering and/or leaving the cell required? Is a recalculation of the worksheet required. Ideally, the function would be in a button on the worksheet that the user could press. Perhaps a cell could be made to look like a button, TBD, but also keep in mind that the entire worksheet will be created by a script, so any cells or objects that facilitate this functionality need to be able to be created by a script. So, when does a script called by the RunScript() function run?
  8. Window is not too small. Everything is too big and unfamiliar.
  9. Ok. This is reassuring. I'll look around more deliberately for a cause of the format change. Thanks.
  10. The forum has a new layout, or I have blundered into a setting that I cannot figure out. If it is the former, let me just say I do not like it, a lot.
  11. Is it possible to set the visibility of a class in a viewport with vector script. I would want to create a class override and set the visibility of the class to either visible or not visible. It seems possible to set all sorts of class attributes but not visibility. Also, is is possible to set the viewports "Adjust flipped text" setting? Hoping this is possible, and I am maintaining my inability to search the function reference with any skill.
  12. Thank you Jesse. I didn't read the function reference carefully enough, and missed that "0" would yield just the document resources. Not the first time for that. 😕
  13. Is there a way to retrieve a list of records in the document. If I have nothing selected, there is a list of records in the Data pane of the th OIP, but I don't see any thing like FRecord from where I can start to build a list of records with NextObject(). It would be a real shame to have to query every object to see if it has a record.
  14. Jesse, I had a permissions issue. I can now duplicate a file. Unfortunately, I cannot duplicate a folder. I will need to duplicate each of the Socapex-19 Pin cables, rename them, move them to a new folder, edit them. I need to differentiate cables that share ground and those that do not; we use both in the US, usually lighting uses the former and sound uses the latter. Any chance VW could do that with the next shipping version. I'm going to need to keep 2 copies of every cable I create, one in the correct place, and one outside the VW folder so that I don't lose them on the next upgrade.
  15. Editing this file is not possible. Which means the user has no way of adding cable parts. Let me know one of 2 things. 1. What am I missing in order to edit the files in that folder? or 2. When will the preview tools become useable for users in the United States? I am using:
  16. Searching Help file in regard to the dialog above
  17. How do I create a Socapex-16 50ft cable part, or any kind of unlisted cable part in the dialog below or anywhere at all? The following sentence is in the VW Help file 3.Advanced users can edit, add, or remove items from the cable parts list. Edit the symbols in the Cable Tools folder in the [User]\Libraries\Defaults folder. Click Update in the Manage Cable Parts dialog box to refresh the cable parts list. There are no cable parts symbols in that pathway. I have 26.0.2 (574483).
  18. What is this dialog for? How do I get it to display only the cables I wish to use? When would I see on the drawing the image in the Preview thumbnail?
  19. How do I get the cable tool to default using imperial part lengths? Currently it defaults to metric lengths. Can I get it to display only imperial lengths? How do I do that?
  20. Tom, I think most people do this. Those that do a lot of editing duplicate it before converting to a group. The duplication gets assigned to a "garage" layer or class to be recalled with its new totals. Sometimes the it gets duped and edited again; other times the new info is copied by hand into the group. It's difficult to program a graphic we all like or provide an expansive enough user interface for manipulation.
  21. While I understand the frustration, how long would it take you to build the instrument summary without the tool?
  22. I can't check right now, but can you force a ForEachObject() routine to both check the keydown and not go on to the next object? I would think it would go to the next object and check the keydown again. I don't see a way to drop to the last object that meets the conditions in the criteria and then out of the loop. I love ForEach... loops, but I don't see a way to end them early. Of course, I haven't tried the dreaded "GOTO" statement, but that might work after a button down check in the procedure called by the ForEach call.
  23. It's always worth a try, but command-period only works about 10% of the time for me.
  24. I don't see a way to do that. That command doesn't seem to show up in the workspace editor. However, you can do that with the AutoPlot command "Sel Truss System Elements". :-)
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