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  1. Great, Glad we can get it fixed, do you happen to know another way of getting this type of effect created?
  2. Thanks Michael, It was totally in the VW Preferences. Cheers!
  3. Hello all, I have made a drawing that consist of about 20 area lights that I have created. When I go to render the drawing I notice that the area lights that I have created are showing their geometry right through other solid objects. Is there a way for me to stop this from happening?
  4. Hey Andrew, I made a sample file that contains the pipe and drape with out the image applied yet. The resource browser also contains the image texture that I want to apply to the drape. I am using Vectorworks 2012.
  5. Hey Andrew, I am using Vectorworks "softgoods" tool. I have been playing around a bit and I think it might actually be the way that I am importing the image file into Vectorworks. How I am importing is like this: -Right clicking inside the Resource Browser and selecting "New Resource in document Renderworks Texture" -Edit Texture menu opens and I name the texture and to import the picture I have been going to the "Shaders" section and under "Color" have been selecting image and importing my file that way. Is this the proper way or am I way off?
  6. Hello all, I am trying to add a simple image file to some white drape that I have added to my ballroom to simulate video being displayed on it. I have imported the image file as a Renderworks texture and applied all the default settings. When I go into the 3D curtain options in my drape I have assigned the materials type as image and chose the image texture that I created and it gives me these errors in the Vectorscript. Error: _3150 _177 - Index outside array limits Warning: _3150 _177 - Color index must be from 0 to 65535. Does anyone know what I might have done wrong?
  7. Hello Vectorworks community. I am trying to figure out if it is possible for our Audio Engineer and Rigging Supervisor can create Vectorworks files that can then be combinded into one file. So it would not be one file that is passed to another but two files that could be combined at the end. is this possible?
  8. I have designed a plot with multiple lighting positions and I am trying to figure out the way that you create viewports so that you can isolate each of the lighting positions off and display all of them on a separate sheet layer for the lighting crew to view. Can does anyone know how this is done?
  9. But how would you go about hanging it on the vertical truss to begin with?
  10. I am trying to position a Colorblaze 72 on a vertical stick of truss that I have and have had no luck figuring it out. Does anyone have any ideas on how to achieve this?
  11. I wanted to see if there is a way to import sketchup models from the warehouse into Vectorworks 2011 and keep the sketchup models original textures attached after the import. Every time that I try to import a model all I end up with is the wire frame of the model. Does anyone know how?
  12. that is exactly what I am trying to do, any suggestions on where to begin!
  13. Okay hopefully I can explain this right since I couldn't find a good picture to summit. I am trying to see if someone can tell me how to do this or at least tell me the tools I will need to do this and I can go do the leg work. I am trying to draw drape on a 50 foot section of truss that basically drops from the truss goes back up and makes an "U" then drops back down again and goes up makes "U" sections down along the truss. I have tried varies way but have failed, can someone give me a hint? Cheers, Vincent
  14. I have noticed that there is a way to make a class for example "Truss" and then have a sub class in that class with a dropdown menu where you could put for example "upstage truss" and "downstage truss." Does anyone know how to execute this? Cheers, Vincent
  15. I am trying to to make a set up in a ballroom for a presentation and for a banquet. Everything including the set will be the same, the only thing that is going to change is that the presenter seating will be switched out for banquet rounds. Can someone tell me the best way to have the two layers, one with seating and one with tables? I made the presenter design layer and then copied the set and building into a new "banquet" design layer. When I did this and went back to the presenter design layer everything was grayed out. Sound I just use classes to make my life eaiser? Cheers, Vincent
  16. Hey Pat, forget my above answer, I totally figured out what you were talking about. I went into the Resource Browser and made a new resource for renderworks textures and got exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for your help. Cheers,
  17. Ah that is a great idea, I am really starting to enjoy this Vectorworks community. Now here is the stupid question, what do you mean by a constant reflective shader. Do you mean I should find a suitable texture from my resource browser and try to play with it until I get the look I want? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hey all, I am trying to make the line lights that I have made as safety lights for the seating in my theatre look more like neon lights glowing from the line itself instead of radiating so much into the space. Does anyone know how? Vincent
  19. Hey Michael, It is 3D and yes it is all closed in. I imported it into vectorworks and exported it as a jpeg to show you. So as you can see it is nothing but a skeleton of lines with no surfaces. You think the loft tool will make it whole? I will take a read and see. Cheers, Vince
  20. Yeah that is the problem Michael, I don't have any surfaces, just complex lines and curves. Check out this link, I have copied it here. http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f123/ProjectDT/tornado.jpg I also tried what you said Frank but it didn't traslate right. I am going to read up more about the 3D Power Pack, hopefully I will figure it out. Thanks guys! Cheers, Vince
  21. So I have recently recieved some DWG files from Pink Inc of some of their spandex pieces. These files are just complex lines and shapes. I wanted to see if anyone knew a way in Vectorworks to lay a skin over a lined object like a square or triangle or in my case a Gamma.
  22. AH that is what I was doing wrong. I had the fixtures on but none of the lit fog options were on. I thought by making the RW background "Lite Fog" would put fog into the overall file. Now I know that isn't true, thanks for your help. Oh and yes, or course I had the 12 classes active gmm18. Cheers, Vince
  23. So I have been working on a project using about 100 lighting instruments. I have recently turned on lite fog in the background layer and I have 4 or 5 instruments (ON) on my stage. Later after doing some other things in the program I tried looking at a camera view of the rendering again and none of the lighting instruments would work, but they were working before. I checked their properties and they are all one and should be working. Does anyone have any ideas?
  24. Hey Michael, I hope this doesn't sound like a dumb question but I am kind of new but not new at all to Vectorworks. How exactly do you make the booms in their real 3D vertial position? I tried imported a lighting position but Vectorworks tells me since it is a hybrid object it can only be rotated in the Z axis. Do I need to maybe draw a line in the vertical position, convert it into a lighting position and imported it back into the drawing? I hope that made sense. Cheers, Vincent
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