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  1. That would be great. Thanks Jim. btw sketchup has a drop to Z vertices plugin which seems allows me to model in 3D within SU > then import back into VW > then I get the contours auto calculated etc. This saves me fiddling with the (for me) unintuitive site modifier tools. However, working this way I do not get the benefit of cut and fill. Nick
  2. Can vectorworks drop objects to the point of intersection with a surface? I know Send to Surface works with DTM's. My aim is to drop 3D loci in the Z direction until it hits upon an imported terrain so I can then run the Site Model command to create a new complex DTM. Hope this makes sense. Nick
  3. Cool - I'm already doing it. thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Nick
  4. Thanks Peter / Tamsin, Yes - a strange problem as I know this is not the best way to work normally. ie. CAD should give the definitive answer in terms of qty. However, I have inherited the calculations from someone else and I need to graphically display this info in terms of a plant schedule. The plan I am referencing has zones mapped out with quantities already labeled (in pen and ink) . Ideally I was looking for a way to draw a polygon zone and to 'force' the spreadsheet to add say 44 Lavender to this area. I'm trying the Meters centre method now - but I think it still requires me to calculate the centre spacing. If not, I'll simply use call out boxes and tally them manually, Cheers, Nick.
  5. Hi Everyone. I'm a bit stuck with a project as I need to specify planting areas by qty. The best tool seems to be the landscape area tool - but it automatically calculates the qty based on surface area rather than allowing me to simply enter the number if plants required. To override this automatic qty calculation I am having to guess the number of plants per sqm. For example changing 5per/sqM to 8.82 (or something) to get get the desired qty I want. Vw 2013 Landmark user. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks in advance, Nick


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