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  1. Was wondering if anyone had this same issue. I was previously running VW2009 and C4d 11. I typically take a file that has been designed, and render in cinema 4d. The linework is rarely classed, so I class it all in Vectorworks prior to importing into Cinema. I have since upgraded to VW 2012, and Cinema r13. They are both great packages, but my workflow has been decimated. In previous versions I had the option to export by classes which would in turn create a texture in c4d for each class created in Vectorworks. That is not the case anymore with Cinema "naming" each group and extrude seperately. This means I now have to organize everything several times, which is quite inefficient. What am I missing? Help!
  2. Thank you...thank you....thank you!!! I was not aware that I could generate a viewport from the design layers! I have been creating viewports directly from the sheet layer. This will be very helpful to me!
  3. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me. I need to do a final shaded polygon render with perspective in my viewport. I've found that it looks fine in orthagonal, but when I change my projection to perspective a small viewport box shows up with nothing in it. I was able to view the viewport in the "cavalier" perspectives, but these are not what I'm looking for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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