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  1. I have been using this CAD software since Blueprint 2.0 was new and have found it to be the easiest CAD software I have ever seen or used. I have taught quite a few people how to use the software and they find it to be just as nice to use. I was looking forward to the 9.0 release for quite a while hoping that the 3D capabilities would improve as I am finding myself building more complex machinery. I was also hoping that the sale of the company to Nemetscek was going to help accelerate some of the improvements. Well after getting the 9.0 version and then finding more things missing, acting funny, to just plain not working right or at all I thought maybe this was a sign to change CAD software. I looked at most of the solid modeling software out there and yes they cost about $5000 a seat but I found that they have improved a lot in the last 5 years, they are much easier to use. They also can save a lot of time to make a complete drawing. But I still wasn?t sold, I like my old friend VectorWorks until today. Today I got the email announcing the update 9.0.1 so out of curiosity I look at the bug fix list on the web site. I have never seen a list so long in my life for a product that has just come out, not even from Microsoft. Was 9.0 even tested, I doubt it. I stop using it the same day I installed it because radii dimension didn?t work correctly. How could you not find this bug before it shipped. or did the need for quick sales after the acquisition required shipping a product that doesn?t work. Basically you just sold me on switching. ------------------
  2. VW9 doesn't seem to dimension arcs correctly or not at all. I'm looking for any ideas on how to make it work right. I have also noticed a lot of other bugs in the new version, Is there an update coming out soon. Haven't been to pleased so far with VW9.
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