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  1. To clarify, it doesn't work in the same way. There is, however, a stacking order to 3d objects, especially hybrid objects. You'll find it most often shows up with line weights in sheet layer viewports of 3d objects or in Top/Plan view for hybrid objects. The 3d objects themselves never jump to the front like they do in 2d as Pat says. Kevin
  2. Email support directly, don't use the form until it's fixed and provides a ticketing receipt. See the other thread about the support issues. Kevin
  3. I think the bigger issue here is consistent results from different support methods. I've had very mixed results and often no reply, even to Service Select forms and email addresses. If the method of support is not sustainable, don't offer it. Be clear on what you're offering and how. No one would allow their phone lines or voicemail to be down for days and go unanswered. Why does this happen with email and online form support, or even these languishing forums? As a customer I just want reliable support where there's a predictable process and I get a record of my own submission (so I can remember what I submitted and why). Support is not just about solving my issue, its about reporting issues so that they can be solved for the community at large. Kevin
  4. Hasn't this been broken for months? It seems like pretty basic functionality. KM
  5. PS. I think one of the realities here is that many of our real world workflows are different from the official Vectorworks workflow. We often omit steps (eg. architectural phases are compressed into a single day for entertainment) because of time or budget constraint. KM
  6. For the cloud to be valuable for rendering viewports, it is essential to get the VWX file back with them rendered. Otherwise I may as well just render the file overnight on my own machine (that could be a feature request - render queue for multiple files). As the others have mentioned, there are other steps after rendering and before publishing. Often rendering all the viewports comes after a revision and I'm propagating a model change through to all of the viewports. Once the viewports are rendered, I still need to update dimensions etc.. The only instance I could see the cloud being the last step to publishing was if there was a way to universal up viewport image quality or switch viewports to a higher render setting (Eg. working in a draft mode / publishing in a final mode) for cloud publishing. Right now I just render each viewport as needed to check and edit annotations, which means I wait for rendering but in small chunks. At the end I have a fully rendered, ready to publish file. Kevin
  7. My case was forwarded to the engineers. Not sure what the outcome is. It happens in any file brought forward from previous versions, including the VW templates, which also seem to have been migrated. If you start with a completely blank file it doesn't happen.... Kevin
  8. Opening files from the File menu, including accessing recent files, should also be possible from the home screen. Kevin
  9. Its definitely related to that. You can see the curve facets in this screen shot. In my version, I started with an arc, converted it to a NURBS curve and then used the Extend NURBS command so I didn't physically touch the points. The highlighting behaves weirdly too when significantly zoomed in. It flip flops around the point. I don't think all rendering has been switched over to the VGM yet, which may explain that issue. It happens with both the original arc and the NURBS curve. Kevin
  10. My guess would be that this is normal behaviour. You're adding objects and I'm not sure that VW differentiates between object types when flagging viewports as out of date. Kevin
  11. Amazing tutorial @Benson Shaw!! Wouldn't it be great to have a rotate tool that didn't need the guide plane 😊 Kevin
  12. I would run the purge command first, and select coincident duplicates..... Kevin
  13. Voted for it long ago 🙂 @jblock is there a known issue with the Service Select support form? Kevin
  14. This happens quite often to me. In cases like this I draw a curve over the existing one in Annotations and dimension that. VW often sees curves (eg. highlights them) but can't dimension them correctly. Kevin
  15. Well I tried submitting it using the Service Select support form. Not sure that it works, not even an automated reply. Submitted my question last week and haven't heard anything back... "Priority Support" I miss my old Canadian distributor. Their support was very responsive. I also miss JimW on these forums.... 😕 Kevin
  16. I like my drawing labels centred, which takes a lot of manual positioning…… KM
  17. I'm sort of surprised no one from NNA replied here given its a new release. I guess I'll find time to file this as a bug. KM
  18. Not at all related. The physical sheet layer viewport is actually moving, not the view. KM
  19. Hello, Whenever I change the view of a sheet layer viewport, the viewport jumps to the centre of the sheet page. Is this a bug or a new intended behaviour. As someone who duplicates and repurposes a lot of viewports, this behaviour is very inconvenient. Kevin
  20. Yes. I also wish that there was fewer import commands (not fewer import options). Why can't Vectorworks figure out what you're trying to import from the file extension. Do we really need separate import commands for graphics files and PDFs for example? Kevin
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