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    JLG Condor 60

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    4 hours ago, sbarrett said:

    @Kevin McAllisterI have created a much simpler Marionette object that is built with articulating symbols that you can check out.


    @sbarrettthank you for sharing the other example. There wouldn't happen to be an example that shows the articulation of a simple joint mechanism? The clock is almost two simple since all of the insertion points are the same. The Condor lift and the Nanawall examples are great but its hard to isolate them down to one joint mechanism. I'm thinking of something like a single bifold door where the insertion point of the second symbol tracks in relation to a lever arm point (not the insertion point on the first symbol).


    Thanks again,




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    JLG Condor 60

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    1 hour ago, digitalcarbon said:


    what are the chances of having assemblies like this?  note how no programing is needed. (i do appreciate what was done)

    which means if VW had this right now i could do all my models today...however since it can only be done by way of Marionette...there is no way i can do this unless i take a week to learn programing...



    I bet it would be possible to build a Marionette toolkit of joint/relationship nodes or wrapped networks that could simplify the process of articulating things. I think these show incredible potential. I would love to see an introductory webinar on how to approach articulation that included building some simple examples. There's clearly a proper way to break down the movement and decide how to structure the network.





    Scissor Lift

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    This is super awesome. What a great example of Marionette!

    Thanks for sharing.



    (Now all we need is a way to show something like this at different heights (states) without having multiple versions of it in a file :) (the classing method))

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