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  1. I actually want to dock my palette as is - two rows aligned as I use them. Its generally organized 3d tools on the top / 2d tools on the bottom. Yes, I could change it to be organized as a single row, but I've used it this way for ten years or more so I know where to find everything easily. The horizontal palette uses up much less space than the vertical palettes at the side of the screen and is better organized. Kevin
  2. Bumping this again. Still can't dock my horizontal palette across the top and have it hold its layout. This is how I currently use it floating in the drawing - Because this is what I get when I try and dock it - Kevin
  3. Docking tool bars at the top is still a bit of a dud. Here's my current toolbar and what happens when I dock it. It should be able to dock without changing its aspect ratio or reflowing the tools. I also tried docking more than one palette next to each other but that's not possible either. Tool position is important. How I like my tools organized (undocked to do this)... Vs. what you currently get when docking.... The idea of rearrangeable tiles extends to the mode bar where everything is justifying left instead of being able to be placed where a user wants it across the mode bar. Kevin
  4. The link to the Vectorworks page has been gone for a long time. Just like the link to the Bug Submit page 😊 Kevin
  5. This is so exciting! I've installed it but I haven't setup my workspace so I'm not using it yet. Here's some incentive to make it happen sooner. Thank you!! Kevin
  6. There's some degree of irony that I first published this wish in 2015. This still frustrates me every time I use the Publish dialog. I have no idea why the sheet order in the Publish dialog and the sheet order in the Navigation Palette Sheet List work differently. Why can't this be made consistent? Here's today's example. First the publish dialog sheet layer list (which is a dog's breakfast) - And my sheet layer list in the Navigation Palette (nicely organized) - Could this at least make it on the Road Map? Kevin
  7. Definitely needed. Renaming Renderworks Textures to Textures is way overdue. And being able to display the Tab Style as Text Only for things like the Navigation Palette is pointless with long names like Design Layers and Sheet Layers...... Kevin
  8. Serial numbers have appeared in Service Select and the current download version is Vectorworks 2024 - SP0. Kevin
  9. I"m sure it does. The Vectorworks interface is the same across both platforms. The only reason why dark theme was different was because on a Mac it's operating system based. KM
  10. It is part of scene lighting but its controlled differently depending upon the render settings of a sheet layer viewport. Renderworks render setting styles control it directly. For shaded render mode you need to set it by clicking the Lighting Options button for the viewport itself. Shaded render doesn't have direct controls using the Background Render Settings button like Renderworks does. KM
  11. In its current implementation it would need to be part of Viewport Styles, since its an option for the viewport under Lighting Options.... KM
  12. I mostly use the Shaded style (formerly OpenGL), which doesn't control ambient occlusion. I think ambient occlusion is only controlled by Renderworks rendering styles. Its all a bit of a dogs breakfast of organization. Likely why people wished for Viewport styles, to bring it all under one umbrella. Kevin
  13. Do viewport styles control lighting options like ambient occlusion? The inconsistency of how this is controlled by render settings is one of the reasons why render styles weren't a successful as they should have been.... Kevin
  14. I definitely use the sticky suspend snapping, which is what prompted the wish 🙂 People who trace over a lot of bitmap scans will understand the need for both...... Kevin
  15. Just as you can temporarily suspend snapping by holding the ` key, I would like to temporarily un-suspend snapping by doing the same when you've suspended snapping. So, by holding the ` key I'd like to temporarily reverse the current snapping status (activate if suspended, suspend if activated). Kevin
  16. This has been wished for here many times. Definitely still needed. Definitely the Vectorworkaround..... Another workaround is to draw two parallel lines to represent the common dimension of all the bitmaps you want to scale, align them to one and resize them each to the other using Shift as mentioned above. Kevin
  17. Ok, its weirder than described. For me I can only duplicate the bug when using a stacked Dual Dimension. Side by Side Dual Dimensions don't exhibit the same issue. It may not be related to the fraction type specifically.... Screen shots below of Standard , Diagonally Stacked and Vertically Stacked dimension examples. Kevin
  18. I hope it gets acknowledged at being important. Unfortunately diagonal fractions has a checkered past..... its one of those features that's been unreliable from the start. I was very excited about it at the start but then the problems appeared..... I'm going to file it too. Kevin
  19. Definitely a bug. Because it affects dimensions I would say a fairly serious one..... since CAD is all about accuracy 🙂 Kevin
  20. Interesting. Vectorworks is still saying its up-to-date. I just tried through the Updater again. After clicking "Reset" or something like that under Advanced Options it appeared. Before that the status said the update channel was set to "beta" and clicking Check for updates under Advanced Options said I was up-to-date. @MikeVW there may be a bug here somewhere. Kevin
  21. I this SP actually live? It showed up in the Message Centre and its listed here, but neither Vectorworks' check for updates command or the updater app see it's available. Kevin
  22. Awesome! Now show me that the viewports don't jump back to the centre of the page when you change their view. Or viewports that don't renumber when you duplicate a whole sheet.... Kevin
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