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  1. It looks like a softgoods object. Is it on another layer or perhaps somehow ended up in a symbol you're using? Can you select it? (It looks like it might be outside the group you're working in and I don't think its a class issue given your class option setting.) Kevin
  2. This is why I love the forum! Came across a need for this today and this thread provided both a chance to vote for the wish and an interim solution. Kevin
  3. Its definitely more sensitive in more recent versions. I've noticed it too. Kevin
  4. Hello, I've noticed a texture scaling issue with the Softgoods tool. When the "Open From" option is enabled, the texture scale changes. Is this a bug or considered WAD? Thanks, Kevin Softgood Texture Scaling Issue.vwx
  5. This happens to me a lot. If the curves are different lengths, the faceting will be different. If the curves are different types (polyline, circle, arc, NURBS) this will often happen. If I have things that need to match I do as much matching as possible in 2d before things get converted. Kevin
  6. Bumping this wish again. Imagine being able to clip cube to where you want to extract a section profile, extracting it using the extract tool and instantly using it as a component in a symbol..... @Matt Panzer 🙂 Kevin
  7. Bumping this wish! Every once and a while I try the clip cube again and each time I bump up against this issue..... Kevin
  8. Hi Matt, I also sent you an example file via private message. Cheers, Kevin
  9. You've built things in a similar way to how I would model that sort of shape. I think you've just hit upon a weakness in VW - it doesn't do large curves well. I've had this problem a lot with larger curved objects. I believe its directly related to how VW breaks curves down into segments for rendering. If the object is small, there's enough segments and it looks ok. As the curve gets larger, the segments get larger and it begins to look awful. Even when you turn the various conversion resolutions up, the segments still remain too large. I've attached an image showing what I mean. I'm not really sure what the solution is. Perhaps someone like @Matt Panzer knows a technical way around it. Kevin
  10. It looks like I'm not the only one puzzled by these loci - Kevin
  11. Thanks Mark. This is helpful information. I hadn't noticed that Braceworks had added a class. Kevin
  12. Do you know what they represent and why they only seems to appear when the drape is open? Is there a way for non Braceworks users to turn them off? They are quite distracting. Thanks, Kevin
  13. Is anyone else seeing random loci appearing when using "Open From" with Softgoods objects in VW2020? Here's a screen shot and an example in a clean file. (I think the loci are supposed to be drawn at the edges of the opening since X and Y in the image are equal and the loci change depending upon the opening width.) @klinzey is this a known issue? Thanks, Kevin Soft Goods Bug 20191125.vwx
  14. These are all fantastic ideas. ^ This. I would have so many fewer layers in my drawings...... Kevin


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