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  1. Ohh.... dark mode! Not a full UI re-vamp but a step in the right direction!
  2. That's odd - I can only download Vision 2020 Suddenly changed - downloading now. Must have caught the website just as it was being updated
  3. Hello Lee There is a scale bar tool on the annotations palette. Bear in mind the scale bar does need to be either on the annotation space of a sheet layer viewport or on a design layer.
  4. We are happy to help so don’t worry about asking! But yes, I normally use the count() function in a worksheet. Worksheets are clunky and don’t look pretty at first but can be easily formatted with a little work. If if you want to count chairs / symbols in a specific area - draw a rectangle and name it. Then you can refer to that name in a formula. I’m not in front of my Mac but let us know if you need an example and I can send you something.
  5. I find myself in this position often. Wish I had a good solution! I tend to use the reshape tool until I get it to where I want it (or give up completely and plot manually)
  6. Ohhhh - forgot about BetterTouchTool for MAC! That does the trick! https://folivora.ai/
  7. That did the trick - thanks!! 😳 I should have read your post properly! Think I will do a wish list for this to be made a bit more user-friendly. Guess just remembering the previous settings would be a start Thanks again
  8. Thanks Mark I have never ventured into the Plug-in manager so that is new to me! Did have a play and couldn't get it to work though? I changed the parameters for the Section Line Marker (and drawing label) and it didn't seem to make any difference? Created new section viewports and no change Thanks though - will keep on fiddling!
  9. Any comment back from Nemetschek? This is so common. Happening again now. Different file, different project
  10. Hello all Does anyone know how to set a standard for Section Line styles? I usually make one - set it to show how I like (text size, section marker style etc) - then find myself having to set each parameter again after making a new one. I am sure there is a better way! Same question for Drawing Label - I never / rarely show the scale on a viewport so each time I add one I need to turn off the scale manually each time. Thanks in advance Andrew
  11. Hi Nikolay Where is the "Plot Date format to Auto and on publish of pdf check Reset All Plugins" please?
  12. I do like Apple Magic Mouse - love the inertia scrolling - but just wish it had a middle mouse button,
  13. I’d be interested to hear how you get on. I really like the idea of callouts / keynotes coming from a central database. I’ve tried using the database within vectorworks but it didn’t work out for me. Hadn’t thought of using a worksheet. May give that a try. As for my initial post - what I am doing is rather unconventional and pretty much a one off. I have a 20 page PDF plan which I have no control of and gets updated weekly. Rather long winded I know, but I import it to a design layer, then have created a sheet layer for each page. In the annotation layer I add callouts with a unique identifier for each power location - which relates to a large google spreadsheet. As each label is unique, I wanted a way if creating a list of all the callouts in the file so I can check they are all present. All a bit long winded I know but the best way I could think of doing it Thanks again for your help
  14. Thanks both!! wonder why it’s not an option to choose in the dialogue. Appreciate your help. Andrew
  15. Sounds similar to but for design layers?? Would love to say I saw a big improvement with on demand tessillation - but I’m afraid I don’t.
  16. Hello Does anyone know if it is possible to create a report containing the data of each callout? I have created a report - but can only add "Bubble Shadow" or Horizontal Position - not the actual contents of the callout. Thanks in advance Andrew
  17. I like the new workaround tool - but there are things I miss about the old legacy workaround tool so do sometimes find myself flipping between the two.
  18. Thanks - will do. Where is the SP5 change log? Keen to see what has changed. Can't find the announcement and my little bell didn't glow red!
  19. Twinmotion is an amazing bit of software - blows Renderworks out of the water!
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