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  1. Hi - Any tips on drawing a seating block / bleacher using the Seating Layout Tool ? I've got it so that each row raises by 150mm (or whatever), but any tips on drawing in the base so that it doesn't look like they are floating in mid air ?! Is it a case of drawing it by hand once you've got the seating block drawn ? Also - can I add aisles ? Can't see an option to do so. Many thanks all Andrew
  2. Sorry to bring this back up, but I am really struggling with the way Vectorworks handles classes. It seems to me as if the Active only etc. class options are more or less redundant - given that most symbols I create / use have objects assigned to two or three classes inside them. Bring on the "Use symbol class" option as purported by gmm18 !
  3. That's great - thanks for the help. Regards, Andrew
  4. Hello - As an Event Producer, I am often drawing 3/4 round tables (cabaret style). In other words, a round table with only 8 chairs mainly facing towards the stage. I would like to do this with the Table & Chairs parametric object, but it seems as if you have to have chairs all the way round the table. I tried making the parametric object into a symbol and deleting the chairs I don't want, but it reverts to only 2d. Any ideas anyone ?! Many thanks, Andrew
  5. That would do the trick ! Many thanks Dave. Andrew
  6. Hello - Yes, I spotted that. Thought I'd seen an option for a wall not to cast shadows, but think I'd got it confused with the light source. To work around it, I put the wall in question in a separate class so I could turn it off in the necessary viewport. Thanks anyway. Andrew
  7. Hello - Is it possible to set a wall not to cast shadows when rendered ? Many thanks, Andrew
  8. Thanks for the help chaps. Much appreciated. Glad I'm not just missing something. Seems I won't really be able to use "Show others" & "Active Only" quite as much as I would like. Best wishes, Andrew
  9. Hello - Am hoping someone can help. I use the "Show Others" & "Active Only" options a lot in the class options drop down so that I can happily move objects around knowing I am not screwing anything else up in my drawing. However, if a symbol is created on one class (ie. chair) but is then assigned a different class (ie. furniture) this doesn't work. It gets more complicated if a symbol has two or more different class assignments within its definition. Is there a workaround, or is it just a case of only assigning one class to all objects within symbols and inserting them onto the same class ?? Many thanks, Andrew
  10. Ah ha ! Answered my question too ! Thank you !! Andrew
  11. Hello Christiaan and David That's really helped - thank you! Am probably going to keep using classes for seats, sightlines, building, staging, technical etc. then separate design layers for each seating layout. Have tried that the last couple of days and it seems to work. Christiaan - when I said "An alternative would be to do it on one sheet layer, and copy the building etc. over." I meant to draw the rooms walls etc, group them and then copy them into a different place on the same design layer - once for each different seating layout. I would then draw the different layouts on each of the copies (hope that makes sense !) and set up different viewports on separate sheet layers. But I think I will forget that method now anyway ! Also - that's a great tip Christiaan - to double click the viewport to edit the design layer that way - I hadn't seen that option. One thing that really confused me was how a symbol can be assigned a class, (for example "chair") when inserting it into a drawing - but it can also have a class definition embedded within the symbol ("seat" for example). This caused me a lot of confusion, as I was assigning the class "chair" to a chair, then wondering why I couldn't edit it when my active class was "chair". I then realised that when I edited the symbol, it was assigned the class "seat" within the symbol definition. Do many people get caught out like that or is it just me ! (at least I now know) Many thanks again, Andrew PS - David - as we work in a similar field, can I ask - do you draw in 3d in Vectorworks ??
  12. Hello all - I am drawing a room plan for an event and could do with some advice. The drawing is a simple, top down 2d plan. My client wants to have three or four different layout options. Chairs arranged differently, the set different sizes / shapes etc. What is the best way to organise my file ? I currently have : 4 design layers - 1 main, Option 1, Option 2, Option 3 Each physical item (ie building, chairs, set, projection) assigned to it's own class. The building and other physical items that can't change are drawn on the main layer. Then I have three saved views and three sheet layers each showing the correct configuration. I also have a report on each of the three sheet layers which counts the quantity of chairs automatically. It kind of works, but is a bit tedious. Any one got any other suggestions ? An alternative would be to do it on one sheet layer, and copy the building etc. over. What do you think ? Many thanks, Andrew
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