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  1. Really ? Look on the RHS - lawn area. Several symbols disappear then reappear
  2. Hi Sorry for the slow reply. It's working out ok - not a major leap forward but certainly a bit snappier. BEst thing about it is the keyboard and the physical escape key!
  3. Hi I have a MacBook Pro 16". I went for the 2.3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 and upgraded the memory to 32GB (as Zoomer says, this can't be done post purchase) I had a 2017 MBP prior - it definitely feels snappier. VWX 2020 still doesn't perform great on it though - so don't expect it to be a magic bullet.
  4. Hi I've posted about this behaviour before a while ago - don't really understand why it is still happening. The objects on the video that disappear and reappear are all simple, 2D symbols. Nothing complicated Working on a MacBook Pro 2019 with a decent graphics card. To summarise - when momentarily scrolling - the objects are shown, but they vanish when I stop scrolling. When publishing they show up. Very frustrating Andrew Screen Recording 2020-01-08 at 12.15.44.mov
  5. Great - thanks Tamsin. I will respond. Andrew
  6. Thanks Tamsin - I will when I get a mo, but it is very difficult to replicate and happens across files. Thanks RussU - will give that a crack too Andrew
  7. Morning Just went to make some simple changes to some 2D symbols in a drawing. Opened the file - lots of instances of the same symbol missing. Edit it in Resource browser and add some geometry to test. Does not work. Thumbnail in Resource browser disappears. Restart Vectorworks -they re-appear (with the added test geometry) Carry on working Lo and behold - a different symbol then refuses to be selected (check layer, check class, check everything) - then also disappears Restart again (10 mins after first re-start) and they re-appear Have changed the settings to Good Performance and Compatibility ( was on good performance) to see if that helps - but I am on a brand new MacBook Pro - and this has happened before. So so so frustrating - what a waste of time- just want to get what I need to get done - done, Any ideas? Andrew OS X 10.15.2, VWX 2020 SP2 Radeon Pro 580 8 GB graphics
  8. That's a great tip Grant - thank you Particularly for what I am doing at the moment (unrelated to my wish list request). 12 viewports showing the project at different stages. Using the eyedropper tool to set layers / classes between viewports has really helped - thanks! Would still like the Wishlist suggestion though! Thanks again Andrew
  9. Hello This is one I have often thought of but never posted. I hoped Tags would do the job, but they don't. I have several viewports in the same file. Many of them, should have the exact same viewport layer / class visibilities. I'd like to have a preset that can applied to the viewport. Ie - the present defines all the visibilities and changes to the preset, propagates through all the viewports. Similar to Renderworks Styles. I realise this could add a layer of complication - but certainly on the project I am doing now I would find it very beneficial. Tags sort of help - but as soon as a new class / layer is added, I have to work back through each viewport. I could see this new functionality being added to the visibilities view of the Organisational pane. Thoughts? Andrew
  10. My MacBook Pro 16” with 32gb Ram is due to arrive today. It’s expensive, but I was surprised and relieved they didn’t hike the price even more. Will let you know how it performs. this is my old a MacBook Pro if anyone is interested! https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254428179832 Ive considered moving to windows a few times - but just too big a shift for me!
  11. Hello I have searched the forum, but can't find it. I am sure there is a @Pat Stanford script that cleverly renames all the viewports in a file to the same as the sheet number. Can anyone help? It's to make the Navigation / visibities section a bit more useful. Thanks, Andrew
  12. Thanks again for this Pat. Appreciate it. Scripting is somewhat out of my league - but I will give it a go. Do you mind if I ask another quick question? Is it possible to pull data from a sheet border that is contained in a separate file? The file could be referenced in. In a nutshell, a colleague has created a set of drawings using the exact same border but in a separate file. I would like to include his drawings in my drawing schedule. That possible? Thanks again, Andrew
  13. Thanks Pat - I knew you would come to the rescue! I am using : =DATABASE(SUBSTRING('Title Block Sheet Data'.'Sheet Number', '-', 1)='A') But it is not returning anything. No error. Am I missing a step? Thanks again, Andrew
  14. Hello I have a worksheet which I am using as a drawing schedule - currently approx 30 sheets and growing. Each sheet is organised A-XXX-XXX, B-XXX-XXX, C-XXX-XXX etc etc The Drawing schedule has sub titles. ie - A= General, B = Architectural. I would like the schedule to have a subheading over each section, I've currently got a separate database criteria to pull out only the A drawings (for example). I did this by adding a sheet field for "Category" - so I can manually select A, B or C etc per sheet. But just thinking - it would be much better to pick out the relevant sheets by using the first letter of the sheet number - ie IF (LEFT(XXX,1) = "A". I can't see a formula to do this - can anyone help? My current formula is : =DATABASE(((PON='Title Block Border') & ('Title Block Sheet Data'.'Sheet Category'='A'))) I would effectively like to change this to : =DATABASE(((PON='Title Block Border') & LEFT('Title Block Sheet Data'.'Sheet Number'),1) = "A" but I can't get the syntax to work. Any help greatly appreciated as always! Andrew
  15. Hi all Anyone tried Catalina with Vectorworks 2018? I am on 2020, but one of my clients is stuck on 2018 PS - The difference in speed between 2018 and 2020 is incredible!
  16. Hello I use a 5K monitor and a 4K monitor with the BlackMagic eGPU on OS X Performance of some apps is very poor - not just 3D modelling, but simply moving windows around. See the attached video showing Excel and VWX 2020 - compared to Safari Does anyone else experience this? Any one know why Excel and VWX are so poor? Could it be affected by the 5K Screen? @JRA-Vectorworks-CAD I know you use an eGPU so would be very interested to know if you experience the same behaviour Thanks, Andrew IMG_0076.mov
  17. I used it in anger for the first time last week. I had some scenic flats with 3 different types of finish. Adding a record format to the symbol - then a drop down box with 3 choices meant that data visualisation could colour code the different finish for each piece of scenery. Very useful - and something I have tried doing in the past but failed (I’ve want a “Colour by class” choice - within a symbol so that the symbol can change appearance depending on what class it is on for a while - this achieves the same thing via a different route. It even adds a nice key for good measure Very nice
  18. Would love to know why the collapsible menus are only half implemented
  19. I had exactly that today. It is a shame that so many VWX features are a little half baked.
  20. AhhH!!! That makes sense.....😳 Useful too
  21. And update the “What’s new in 2019” at the bottom of this page too!!
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