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  1. hello there, any new ideas on that roblem? it is still annoying me day by day...
  2. hi, i am looking for a way to set color and fill mode of an object via vectorscript. i want e.g. se?ect a rectangle, press a shortcut and get a filled rectangle in cloro grey. i tried with that script which i recorded with the "multitool" (multiwerkzeug in german translation) but it doesn't work: Procedure CustTool; VAR Name:STRING; Result:BOOLEAN; BEGIN PushAttrs; PenFore(257); PenBack(256); PenPat(2); FillFore(257); FillBack(1236); FillPat(1); PenSize(2); PenPat(2); Result:= SetDefaultBeginningMarker(0, 15, 0.125000, 0.000000, 0, 0.000000, FALSE); Result:= SetDefaultEndMarker(0, 15, 0.125000, 0.000000, 0, 0.000000, FALSE); CallTool(-203); PopAttrs; END; Run(CustTool); any help greatly appreciated greg
  3. could the vectorscript command "PrintWithoutUsingPrintDialog" be a possible solution to the problem? how do i use it?
  4. ok, that's the way i'm used to. but still i'll have to adjust paper, choose printer etc. i would like to make a default set (e.g. din a4, laserprinter 1, portrait-mode etc.) and evertime i draw a rectangle after hitting a certain key whatever is inside the rectangle is printed. no more dialogues etc. (i don't know how many times a day i adjust all that for over and over again the same result: a really really simple print to work with, no special plan layouts etc.)
  5. hi there, two inquiries: 1. is it possible to set up a supersimple printing environment that lets one print just whatever i draw my cursor across, without further dialogues and anything? (just like in os X, where you can get the screen capture tool by holding apple+shift+4 and then pullup a rectangle of which the content is then saved as an image) 2. can i get rid of the annoying printing dialogue? in adobe cs3 you can select if you want to use the osX-printing dialogue or the one of adobe. is something like that possible in vectorworks?
  6. sorry to say so, but it won't select text in groups, symbols and viewports. only "real" textobjects.
  7. ok, i treid the global text attributes, it works, but it won't change in symbols and in layout areas, neither in groups. would a vectorscript be capable of that spcific task anyway?
  8. is there a possibility to replace any font type in one drawing with a specified new one in a batch mode without selecting each one? font size should not be touched.problem is there are lots of text in groups , symbols and layout areas in my drawing, so i can't selct them all at once(and i don't want to cycle through these myriads of objects).
  9. we are frequently using this very tool of which i don't know the correct english name, in german it is called "multistempel" which would be something like "multistamp" in english. i attached the icon of the tool. well, here's my question: we do have several special multistamps we created ourselves, e.g. there's one tat lets you stamp in and gives you a window where you can tpe in special measures etc. that are written into a database. now the problem is that the stamp seems to be living in a drawing and cannot be exported. you can export the databasethat is used by the stamp, you can export the smbol that represents the stamp including the variables (#number#), but ypu can't export the stamp. as pur stamps are quite complex it alos is no option to create them from scratch in each drawing. already we are having efault files, but once you improve one of zteh stamps while drawing you have to revert your current drawing later on into a new default drawing. i would like to store a file with all the stamps on our network and access it from each machine. that possible??
  10. is there a possibility to select similar object in VW that do not have exactly the same size? the wand lets me select by size, but only applies if exact size is fund. is there a possibility to specifiy e.g. line length >0 && <10 and that would select me any line between 0 and 10mm?
  11. @Pat Stanford: you made my day, your script works nice! thsank you so much. would love to send you a bottle of wine or thelike, but CA is a bit far away from germany. once again, thanks a thousand times!
  12. thanks for the hints, but both don't work. exporting and reimporting changes nothing, and converting to polygon leaves me with several hundreds single dots for each circle. ->absolutely uncountersinkable. closed polygons are also not ok, i really need circles. now i am trying to do it with vectorscript, but as a beginner it'S quite hard. any hints highly appreciated!
  13. the polylines represent a b/w image in dotted raster. so almost any polyline has different diameters. i attached two images (german localization) with parts of the drawing.
  14. could you push me into the right direction, plz? calling the polyline sin vectorscript or what?
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