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  1. could you please update the Printing Read Only area in the Support Bulletins.

    I'd like to hear about the pros and cons to the HP 500ps for MacOS. How long would a 24" x 36" with mostly black lines take to print from a G3 or G4 machine? Is MacPlot needed or suggested with the 500ps? Should hookup be through Ethernet?

    And what about Encad plotters? Can they work well with MacOS and VW 9.5? What are some ways to hook up?

    What are your suggestions on MacPlot software. What configurations work.

  2. While we are talking about PLOTTING/PRINTING, it is about time the READ ONLY area of this message board update the PRINTING/PLOTTING information area. The last Nemetschek post is almost one and a half years old.

    We need printing SOLUTIONS. My HP350C (24"x 36") hasn't worked for a while and I want to get a new large format plotter. I used powerplot which is now defunct.

    I would like to see a list of particular solutions for different machines, printers and operating systems. This list would grow over time. Advantages and disadvantages of each solution would be given. Each solution could be put in a chart giving information on everything from hardware and software setup to printing speed and network capabilities.


  3. I have had the HP4MV for many years (which is similar to the HP4V except with postscript). I have gotten in the habit of drawing in a 22 x 34 box on 24 x 36 sheets setup. Then when I print out to the 4MV I use a 50% reduction to get 11 x 17. Then the reduced sheets have a standard scale and are great checkprints and often great field prints. To enlarge just use 200%. A 1/4" = 1'-0" becomes 1/8" = 1'-0". Printing out a sheet at 50% at 600dpi is very sharp and at a few seconds a sheet is very fast. The slightly larger border used is worth the standard scale print.

  4. Whenever I get new software or software updates I am very careful on changing over everything right away. My approach is to put the update on an extra machine to test drive until I feel it works as advertised. I am still testing VWA 9. For the time being I will keep working very productively in VW8.5.2. When I do switch over to 9 it will be for new files only. I will still work in 8.5.2 for all files started in 8.5.2. until I completely fill comfortable that I can import 8.5.2 to 9. I am amazed that some companies take the incredible chance of changing over all at once. This system has worked great since MC5. NO down time. VW9 should be an improvement but what's the rush? It's not that big an improvement over 8.5.2.

    On another note. Nemetschek should immediately extend the warranty period on VW9 to promote confidence. I think it highly unlikely they have these problems to promote allplan. The VW programmers are probably working many allnighters to repair the bugs ASAP. They want to keep their jobs and if bugs continue it's bye-bye.



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