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  1. hoping i may have narrowed the issue down to firefox, noticed that it crashed when i jumped on to the internet via firefox, been using safari and haven't had a crash in almost 3 days. fingers crossed thats the culprit.
  2. Unfortunately this has reared its ugly head AGAIN.... 3 restarts already this morning.... surely there's a genius among you who knows how to fix this?
  3. so far so good today, not one problem since i've updated the wacom driver. fingers crossed thats it sorted.
  4. i've ran the update on the tablet and i'll give that a go on monday, i dont have quicken on this machine. Cheers guys!
  5. just this morning i've tried ditching the Wacom tablet, seems to be going ok so far.... i miss my wacom tablet.
  6. cheers for that, read i've tried a number of those options mentioned in those threads also and still having problems. there doesn't seem to be a clear fix to this does there?
  7. Pretty much what the title says really, offten i loose the ability to pan and select multiples etc. this is really frustrating, its also happening when i use cinema 4d. the shortcuts just stop working. I'm going crazy!... Please help!
  8. what about the designer edition, would it do it also?
  9. Dam! i was afraid you'd say that!
  10. Hi folks, i'm not a huge user of vectorworks and up to now have only used it on small progects for vizualization. I've got a larger project just in and when i import the AutoCad file there are alot of 3d loci. My question is, can i use these to create a layout of the site using Vectorworks Fundamentals. and if so how? also the file created after import is huuumungus!
  11. Cheers for the reply, i use it for visualization. I've tried the demo of windoor and now i'm just thinking i need to upgrade to Architect as in the workspace created by ozcad there seems to me more 3d options than there are in my fundamentals workspace. Ozcad seems ok but i dont see what extra it would bring to the table for my situation. i need to be able to classify each part of the model. I've used archiCad in the past and from memory there was quite a detailed 3d library and i just want to get the same from vectorworks. Would Architect be the version to go for?
  12. Hi folks, i was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction? I have Vectorworks 2009 Fundamentals and i want to upgrade to a version with more variations and control on its 3d library. I use vectorworks in conjunction with Cinema 4d and i find a lot of my time is used modeling windows and doors etc and i want to be able to just drop them in so i can work quicker. The other issue i have is the transfer of the 3d object classes as materials into Cinema 4d. The more detailed the object the better. Sometimes this exchange between the two programmes does not run smoothly however. So what are my options?
  13. sorry, i was mistaken, it was a long time ago and i think now i meant C4D R10 plugin.
  14. Try using the 2010 plugin, i think i had a similar issue and used the one designed for 2010 which worked.
  15. 10.6.2, and yes before the prompt. its the first message i get.
  16. Tried to the longer download version and it still aint working, anybody any ideas?
  17. Ditto, however i don't even get that far. Getting this message....
  18. I cant get upgraded, anyone know why i'm getting this message?
  19. thank you jeebus!!! at least i'm not the only crazy man! No its been created in fundamentals 2009 i'm resorting to subtracting holes out of a solid to show the the door... i just don't like things beating me! maybe its the wall directions.
  20. yeah, the door leaf opens but still no hole in the wall
  21. these images show how it comes in to cinema4d. the geometry is there but when rendered, the walss geomerty is unaltered bt the door. Its stays Dorr in wall" but its not "in" the wall... for some reason, but it is in your which is confusing??!! do you think its my libraries? thankyou for replying by the way
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