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  1. WE DID IT! After disconnecting our networked ENCAD Novajet Pro from the Windows NT network we succeeded in plugging it directly into a networked workstation. Once this was accomplished, printing anything worked just fine. Does anyone know why this worked, when before the networked printer did nothing? We are baffled, but excited we can now print from Vectorworks!!
  2. I know you can 3D reshape a wall to fit a peaked roof, but can you also 3D reshape a window or glass curtain wall to fit the same peak?
  3. I am having problems exporting my VectorWorks file into AutoCAD. In VW, I have a floor plan and elevations which need to be exported as a DWG into ACAD. Once the file is opened in AutoCAD, I am missing a significant amount of information. Has anyone else experienced this problem? What should I do? Thanks
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