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  1. Engrave a ball?

    I can wrap the text round but I cant make it hug the spherical surface, any extra tips?
  2. Engrave a ball?

    Thank Kevin for your time and advise, I will take a look at your file now, pronto! I don't have Rhino am afraid, only VW. As long as I can create something for client to see how potentially engraved text would look on a spherical water feature I'm made up. You know, if it should all be capitals, or first letter uppercase, etc....spacing or so... Will keep you posted how I get along, how exciting.
  3. Engrave a ball?

    Hi Markdd, Love the video! thank you for the link. I have got so far with the video, however my text needs to be wrapped all around the sphere then I can attach it to the sphere. You can see from my snapshot that the text goes way past the edges of the sphere. I need to be able to have the text (now nurbs curves) wrapped around the sphere and going into the sphere....Im not sure how I get the text to wrap the sphere. :o( Any ideas?
  4. Engrave a ball?

    Hi teams, I am wanting to get some text engraved onto the curved surface of a water feature. So in vectorworks I should be able to apply text height and font types etc to show the client what it will look like in real life. So, scratching head on how I actually do that in Vectorworks. Am sure its really easy, any ideas? Many thanks, C10916
  5. Do LAYERS override CLASSES?

    Yes, understand, you mean if that class or layer has a tick against it (in Navigation) you will see that class or layer regardless of its visibility.
  6. Do LAYERS override CLASSES?

    aha.....I need to try this out....
  7. I knew you were going to say that! ) VSS team said the same. Very difficult to replicate, until I find it. Then I have to have a little movie of it to send in. At least now I have confirmation of what SHOULD happen. Thanks Jim. ANYONE ELSE FINDING THE SAME PROBLEM in their VW?
  8. Do LAYERS override CLASSES?

    I have many layers, many classes. If I draw a shed (for example) in a DESIGN LAYER called SHED, with a CLASS of TIMBER_OAK and I turn off the LAYER called SHED (make invisible), will the class also become visible? In other words do layers override classes? Many thanks in advance for your help.
  9. Hi Jim, I have just added two new classes A and B. Along side my drawing I created a box in class A and another in Class B. Went back to my viewport, expanded the crop to accommodate for the two boxes. They are not there! (YES)... Now I got into OIP for the viewport and click on CLASSES and the new classes A, B are invisible. (SORTED)! But that still don't explain why my file was different from March to now.... You mentioned Saved views, which I don't tend to use much... colleague did tell me to create a saved view just before I export to pdf, then when I go back into VW I can get the saved view back if classes/layers have changed. Seems a bit of a faff surely to secure what you are just about to pdf. As we say in the UK, "someone is pulling my vw plonker". What's going on Jim, what am I to do.
  10. Having just spoken to a colleague on the phone about this problem and they said the following, is this correct? All new classes and layers created since a sheet layer viewport is initially created are AUTOMATICALLY added to ALL existing VIEWPORTS with a setting of VISIBLE as default? If this is so, then that might explain why the additional information was found in the viewport. As since March I have been in the file and added additional information on new classes and layers. MY CONCERN is that when I set a VIEWPORTS' Class and Layer visibilities that they stay with the Viewport until 'I' change them, or is that a 'dippy' thing to think? Thanks everso!
  11. After much frustration I am seeking advise...I am tormented by this happening (yes, yes I know its just been Halloween and all that). For a while now I have noticed that when I go into a VW drawing file that sheet layer viewports often DO NOT HOLD their class/layer visibilities. I have attached 2 examples of where I have completed a sheet layer, exported to pdf and filed away on my computer. Then in the next weeks/months often I go back to the drawing I created in VW sheet layer and it does not look quite the same. I have in no way or wanted to alter the visibilities of the viewport as it was defined back in March. Then I check out the pdf I created (in March) and yes indeed the viewport now has other class/layer visibilities changed. Frustrated VW user, in the rain, in England.....Help pls!
  12. Worksheet Sub sums?

    Up to eye balls in alligators, glad we aint got any of them in the UK! ) sounds painful. What email do you want me to send the file to?
  13. Worksheet Sub sums?

    Hi Mike, hope what I sent made sense? Thoughts? Many thanks, C
  14. Worksheet Sub sums?

    The attached three jpgs show whats in each border from a worksheet I created per class. Hope this helps?
  15. Worksheet Sub sums?

    Hi Mike, here ya go. My classes I used are as per (Plant classes snapshot.jpg) My worksheet (Plant worksheet snapshot.jpg) shows all the plants from all the classes. I managed to work that one out. Now what I want to do is show the breakdown of what plants in QUANTITY are in each class, which would equate to what plants are destined for what border. Does that make sense? So, looking forward to what you suggest... )


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