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  1. I knew VW was thinking something...I just wasn't sure what. Very helpful - thank you!
  2. I haven't generally used trim on doors until recently. Now I want my exterior elevations to show the trim and I have noticed that when I turn the trim on it is almost always on the inside. Flipping the door changes the swing but not the side designated as interior or exterior. I have tried everything I can think of on this but can't figure out how to make sure doors have the "outside" facing out. Any thoughts?
  3. BJS

    Site Model

    Is there an easy way to "sketch" out a model of a building site or lot? Most of what I read requires data from a surveyor and what I would like to do is simply place my building model onto a site that is approximately correct in 3D. It seems there must be a straightforward way to create a polygon and "lift" up areas with a higher grade etc. I don't need extreme precision here. Thanks for any input.
  4. I am trying to apply a shingle image to a roof face and have no problem doing it from the render tab of the object info pallet. The problem is that there are currently only 2 shingle images from that drop down menu available and I am unable to add any more. I have located the images I would like from the library and have imported them into my document. They are visible in the resource browser but I cannot apply them from there directly. It appears I need for them to be available from the render tab on the object info pallet but I just can't get them there. I have looked through the manuals and help files to figure this out but haven't been able to find anything. Am I missing something simple?
  5. BJS

    Wall line weights

    Thanks for your input - printing out made the difference.
  6. I am having trouble with line weights in elevations. In drawing an addition I would like existing walls to be less prominent than new ones but in all views I create they look the same. I have wall styles set up for existing and new with different weights and have also tried using class styles. I must be missing something, right?
  7. An interactive tool that accomplishes what is described in this link would be great. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=119423#Post119423
  8. BJS


    Wow, that was a lot of great feedback - thanks everyone. It seems this would be an easy tool for VW to create. I think I will add it to the wishlist.
  9. BJS


    I am using floors to represent soffits and it works well with one exception. I show the floor with dashed lines and no fill so that it appears correctly in plan view (with fill it would obscure what is below). The problem is that in 3D the lack of fill doesn't look right. Does anyone know of a way to make soffits work in both 2D and 3D (ie - no fill in plan but with fill in 3D)?
  10. I am working on setting up standards for line weights. Does anyone have a list or mapping of what line weights they use for different elements of architectural drawings? Thanks...
  11. Hi Jonathan. I believe reversing the section allows me to look directly behind me. What I'm actually trying to do is change my view of the same wall from 30 degrees from the left to 30 degrees from the right. Maybe this isn't possible?
  12. I am trying to show cabinet elevations with oblique cabinet projection. I have cut section viewports of various walls and the appear very nicely showing cabinets etc from the left angle. Is there any way to view from the right? There doesn't appear to be any way to reverse this. Thanks.
  13. BJS

    Wall Breaks

    You nailed it - I didn't realize that ceiling-main was on or that it would have that effect but that's exactly what was happening. Thank you very much!
  14. BJS

    Wall Breaks

    I am new to this board but have been using VW for some time. Would really appreciate any help with a recent problem. For some reason I cannot show doors or windows without wall breaks no matter what I do. If I go back to an old file everything is OK. If I copy and paste a wall with a door from a new "problem file" into an old good one, all of the unwanted wall breaks show up throughout the new file. Am I simply missing something or is there a bug? Thanks so much for some help...this is killing me.


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