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  1. @petadonaldson, you might want to update your signature to show everyone your computer/operating system and version of VW your using. A screenshot of your drawing might help.
  2. Good question Tom, I look forward to a response on this one.
  3. Hello everyone. Just wondering if anyone is having trouble with the heliodon. I'm working on a file that crashes every time I place a heliodon on a layer... Never had an issue with this until I started working in VW2018
  4. Looks like a nice machine @Allen Brown...huge graphics card.
  5. You might want to check your layer and class visibilities...
  6. I have noticed in the past few weeks that the OIP does not always show the object that is selected. I'm running the SP2 but this does not seem to have fixed this issue. It's a pretty significant issue and I'm wondering if others are having this issue or there is a fix in the works?
  7. Problem solved...grade limits just went outside the site model...thanks for your help @Alan Woodwell
  8. Thanks @Alan WoodwellChanged those settings and I'm still getting the same results
  9. Hello everyone. I have just started a file in which I've made a small site model (.5 acre). The model looks good but when I apply a pad to represent the existing driveway it does not modify the model. Things I have done: Grade limits in place outside the pad and inside the model area All modifers and model has there 3d settings are set to existing I've updated the model multiple times Site model is on it's own layer along with modifers, modifersin their own class - Site-DTM-Modifier 2d overhead contours look good but as you can see the pad doesn't effect the model surface Thanks for you feedback advance.
  10. Thanks John Athayde...I think the main issue I've heard about is running High Sierra with VW 2018. Looks like I'll hold off until I have to upgrade.
  11. Hello everyone. I have been holding off upgrading my Mac OS but it looks like I will have to upgrade to High Sierra. Can anyone provide some feedback on their experience using this with VW. Thanks very much.
  12. A bit unrelated, I've found that some can have some real issues using Skype. This is a good alternative but requires a monthly fee. I have used it and it's very good. https://www.join.me/
  13. Have you tried aligning your leader lines using Modify>Align>Align/Distribute leader lines? No sure if this is what you after?
  14. Update: After placing about six different plants the default has now shifted and represents what I"m after.
  15. Hello everyone I'm using Landmark 2018 for the first time with a new planting plan. There seems to be quiet a difference on how the plant tags behave vs all the previous versions that I'm aware of. I have a prefered tag format which I like to use, in the past when starting a new drawing I established the tag layout or format on the first plant which I placed in the drawing and all subsequent plant symbols would take this layout or format on...it was a real time saver. With Landmark 2018 it seems that the default format keeps coming up with each new plant that I choose to place within the drawing. You can see in the OIP there are 6 drop down menus that I need to change for each plant including the tag class. Not sure if others have experienced this but I certainly see this slowing down my workflow. Thanks for any feedback.
  16. I get this pop-up but it then loads the plant data base filemaker. I'm not aware of any default settings for this.
  17. In the same boat here, need to upgrade in the next year or two and not happy with the Mac choices.
  18. You should be able to do this with a texture bed. Otherwise the Nurbs road tool is your next best option.
  19. I started using Mac's about 15 years ago and was always pleased with their products. I'm currently hanging onto my older Macpro (which I adore, easy access, easy to clean, I can add a hard drive in minutes) and I"m not too excited about my replacement options.
  20. Thought folks might like to see this as there has been some discussion on the new iMac Pro lately.
  21. @JohnAthaydeyou might want to check out this post...
  22. Have a great holiday season. Thank you for all participating in this excellent forum, it's been a game changer for me.
  23. I'm having issue with the OIP pallet today, does not display the highlighted item unless you select File>save.
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