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  1. HI Benson, thanks very much for your thoughts. Yes the blue lines are grade limits and are close but not touching. You're quite right that if this occurs you get an error. I use the regular wall tool for all of my retaining walls and then add a retaining wall site modifier to it. I have never had much luck with the landscape wall tool, it doesn't seem ideal for the type of walls I like to depict. I attached an image showing the wall base site modifier, you can see that for some reason when this was created it placed extra lines that can't be removed or edited. I'll have to look into this, thanks Benson.
  2. @Jim Wilson should this post be in the troubleshooting section?
  3. I seem to be having a challenge creating a retaining wall site modifier in a curved wall. My workflow has been: Create a polyline to represent the wall shape based on contour lines. Covert polyline via create object from shape, wall is 6" thick and approx 1.5m high Create retaining wall site modifier For two of the three walls I created, I ended up with some conflicts with the modifier. The modifier seems to create extra lines which end up playing havoc with the site model. I'm not sure if others have found this issue. One of my workarounds has been creating the wall and modifier in another file and then bringing that in. Not 100% effective. There is no way to edit the modifier and remove these extra unwanted lines. Love to find a solution. Last image shows the result of the error.
  4. Thanks very much, Tamsin. I'll check that out.
  5. Hi I see that there is a driving curve tool for VW 2014/15 and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a more current version for 2018/19. Thanks for your feedback.
  6. Fantastic post @jeff prince .I don't have a drone but often hire one for mainly taking elevation data. I recieve shape file with one foot contours that is easily used to create a site model, high res images and obj object as you've shown. Extremely helpful technology.
  7. Thanks for the advice @herbieherb ...I hope that it doesn't come to that but I'm bracing myself for the possibility.
  8. Thanks for the feedback @Wesley Burrows , I see your point regarding the high resolution and ones ability to see things easily (in terms of size). I'm feeling like I'm leaning back to getting a second 2K monitor for many reasons.
  9. Yes, that is worth considering, I fear I may be forced to move in the iMac Pro direction if the new MacPro doesn't appeal or is too costly. I'm doing everything I can to stay with the mac operating system having left windows 15 years ago. So yes thanks @herbieherb for those words of wisdom.
  10. After some more research, I'm starting to lean towards one larger monitor vs two smaller ones. I don't think I have the budget for the monitor that @jgmrussell has but this might be a good alternative. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01IOO4TIM/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&psc=1
  11. Thanks very much @Tony Kostreski that was it...
  12. I created a site model in VW 2018 and for some reason, I'm not getting major contour lines in the model. I fill in the field for this and set it to 10', click ok and nothing happens. I revisit the dialogue box and the major contour is set at 0. Any ideas would be warmly received.
  13. Thanks very much @Mari Schrammeyer that's reassuring. Are you doing much 3D work with this set-up?
  14. Interesting @Tom Klaber I had thought that type of set up might work. My constraint is my 3gb video card, but I like the sounds of that. Not sure why I'm resisting one large monitor. Thanks very much for your input.
  15. @zoomer I'm waiting as long as possible to upgrade my MacPro. I might have to go the 'Trash can' route like you have as I'm not happy with the Imac Pro..at least what I know of it. I do know that I prefer a softer matte finish on a screen vs glossy. Here's plan b, in a perfect world I'm not upgrading until I see the new versions but I doubt I have that much time. https://www.apple.com/ca/shop/product/FQGG2LL/A/refurbished-mac-pro-30ghz-8-core-intel-xeon-e5
  16. Thanks @zoomer I'm trying to have my cake and eat it too. My plan B was to move towards a larger monitor and based on your feedback that might be the best approach. Thanks again.
  17. Hi Everyone I'm thinking of adding a second monitor to my set up but I'm wondering if it will do more harm than good. I seem to be making more site models these days and pushing my graphics card to its limits. I currently have one ASUS PA248Q 24" LED-Lit IPS (1920x1200) and I'm thinking of adding another. Remarkably I can still purchase this and really like how soft this monitor is on my eyes. My video card is the biggest that I can get for an older MacPro, a Sapphire HD 7950 3gb. Any thoughts are welcome...thanks ps main reason for the second monitor is to reference images or other site information. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B0084FNAB4/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_5?smid=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB&psc=1
  18. HI everyone My Macpro is nearing the end of its productive days and at this point, it looks like my only option is an Imac Pro. I'm not a big fan of the glossy 27" screen but it looks like I might not have much choice. I realize there is a new release of the Macpro slated for 2019 but I don't think I can wait that long. Just wondering if anyone with an Imac Pro can chime in with there experience so far? Are you looking to run your new machine 6+ years? It currently looks overbuilt for VW but this will change. Thanks very much.
  19. @rjtiedemanI'm interested to see what route you go. I'm in a similar situation with a 2012 era MacPro. I love it but its days are numbered. I'm not that keen on the iMac pro as I have a hard time using the large glossy monitors. Thanks for your post.
  20. That looks great @rowbear97, well done.
  21. Totally agree Kevin ...lets not overlook the opacity control which could be streamlined.
  22. I think you have hit it on the head @JohnAthayde, perhaps a typical solid fill could be adjusted using a brush tool that removed or edited the areas applied.
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