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  1. Hi @JohnAthayde great to see another permaculture designer in this group. I've used both LIDAR data and elevation data from a drone survey. I've got an associate locally who can take LIDAR data and create one-foot contours which is super helpful. I've only used this once as I prefer drone data where I can get contours and high definition images. The downside is tree cover, this is LIDAR's advantabe. Are you planning on making a site model from this?
  2. Thanks very much @Peter Neufeld I'll check that out
  3. I've noticed that in VW 2019 Landmark when you go to edit a 2d plant symbol you get the plant symbol plus other aspects of the design rather than just the plant itself. It doesn't seem to matter what my settings are when I'm editing an object. Same results regardless of this setting. I've noticed this on several files but I'm just getting around to reporting it.
  4. Thanks very much @RussU. That is super helpful information. What your describing here looks like your taking cloud point data to make a site model, by snapping stake objects to portions of this. In my case I get a set of shapefiles that contain 1' contours. I really like your approach and if I had a drone along with additional software, it's something that I could do myself. Love the video you put together and thank you again for sharing this.
  5. Hi @Benson Shaw. The contours are from a site model which we created with shapefile contour data (from the drone, the shape file comes with other support files). Super easy to create, I think it took but a few moments. The high def image is from the drone, other than for observation purposes I haven't figured out how to use the mesh. It's a monster file that is best not mixed with the project data. I'm curious to hear how other folks use this type of information.
  6. Thanks, @Dave Donley that certainly helped, the file is now 560mb on the lowest setting. I'm curious what other folks do with this type of data.
  7. I'm starting a new project and have received some drone data which I've used for creating a site model as well as high definition images. My question for people is whether (and how) one would make use of some mesh data. I've attached a screen shot and some information, the file is huge and an interesting reference but I'm not sure if it has any value besides that. You can see that once imported, the saved file size leaps up to 994 mb in size (this is the mesh only, no other data in the file, site model in a separate file). Love to hear peoples comments. Thanks
  8. Just wondering if anyone has had experience applying a high definition drone image to a site model? Not sure if this is doable...thanks for any thoughts you might have.
  9. Great to see a new product that might help extend the life of one of 2012 Mac Pro workstations. Radeon RX 580
  10. Those are exciting results @Rob Glisson We have just two workstations and older 6 core Mac Pro and a new iMac Pro. Love the new unit as I can literally plow through work, I did not like the price(or the lack of upgradability). With another upgrade on the horizon, I like the direction your going and I would make a similar decision, and most likely will within the next year. In our situation having one computer more robust than another is very workable, I imagine this is not the case in most situations. Keep us posted.
  11. I'm interested in hearing other speak to this. We just went through an upgrade to one of two workstations where we purchased an iMac Pro (very pleased with it so far). Our other machine will need to be replaced in the next year and the Mac mini is an interesting option.
  12. Thanks for all your hard work @Jim Wilson...I look forward to hearing about your iMac Pro tests. We recently purchased one and quite impressed by the performance.
  13. Thanks @Tony Kostreski. I have certainly used 3d polygons in the past to bridge these gaps. Question for you, I've never placed them in the modifier class and when I do I get errors that show up. It seems to defeat the purpose by putting them in this class? I'm sure there's something I'm missing.
  14. While working on a site model today it became clear to me that more intuitive controls over pad slopes and how they intersect with others would be helpful. In the image below the property is on a steep slope with a slope driveway approach. Blending all these pads together would be so much easier if we could adjust the corner or additional vertice elevation much you like do with the retaining wall site modifier where you simply click and pull up or down the vertice.
  15. @chris I recently purchased an iMac pro to replace an older 2012 era Mac Pro. We have had this two weeks so it's early in the game for us. I'm hoping to get 4-6 years out of this and we'll see if that happens. Early tests on our 10 core machine vs our old 6 core unit saw a huge difference in render times. Mac Pro render 7:32, iMac pro 2:40. So far I'm really impressed but spent more than I was hoping for. The one thing I don't like vs my old machine is the storage. My old Mac pro had 5 hard drives within it, the iMac pro has one, so my back up and data has to go into an external enclosure. Thunderbolt 3 enclosures are not cheap. Saying that the cost is actually spread out over the life of the machine. Good luck with your choice. PS check out refurbished units, we saved $1300
  16. This was my thoughts as well...the cost is a few thousand more than I wanted to spend. It took me a week to get over the fact that this is a long-term investment. I played with shifting to Windows but I just can't do this right now as I enjoy the OSX platform too much.
  17. HI Benson. My options were as follows and based on not being able to upgrade anything but the Ram. I was also keen on purchasing an Apple refurbished model to save some coin. Cost in Canadian dollars $ 7500 on refurbished model ($1300 savings) Originally released December 2017 3.0 GHz 10-core Intel Xeon W processor, Turbo Boost up to 4.5 GHZ 27-inch (diagonal) Retina 5K display; 5120x2880 resolution with support for one billion colours 64GB of 2666MHz DDR4 ECC memory 1TB SSD storage 1080p FaceTime HD camera Radeon Pro Vega 64 graphics processor with 16GB of HBM2 memory Magic Mouse 2- which isn't great with VW Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad- love it
  18. Hi, I just thought I would update some events over the past couple of months. We seem to be getting involved with more and more projects that require site model work, this coupled with my wife jumping back into the design arena has prompted me to purchase an iMac Pro as a replacement to my 2012 era 6-core MacPro. Yes, my wife inherits our MacPro which is still fine for smaller site model work. I was not excited about this in the least as I don't like the all in one concept. Having worked on this computer for a week I am feeling like the converted...the screen is phenomenal, it's super quiet, and I've not had any site model related workflow issues. I've plugged in a 1080 monitor as a second screen, it doesn't look nearly as good when next to a 5k screen. I don't like the fact that I had to purchase this with a 5-6 year window in mind and no chance to upgrade ( except the ram) Here's a couple of quick tests I did with a large file: Test type Time-2012 Macpro ImacPro Update site model 3:12 1:54 Render a viewport 7:32 2:40....wow Love to hear from anyone else who's taken the jump.
  19. Thanks very much for that Jim. We are adding another work station and I keep leaning towards the Imac Pro. I don't see it as a perfect solution but it seems to be the best bang for your buck currently in the Mac world. Thanks again.
  20. Hello everyone A quick question that I'm sure is an easy one for @Jim Wilson I'm looking to upgrade my older MacPro (I'll get over it...) and trying to get a good handle on my future needs. My work seems to be including more site models from 1-20 acres, with this in mind does VW use a single core of a CPU when in Open GL mode as well as when one updates a site model. I realize multi core machines shine in the rendering mode but I'm curious about how these modes are handled. Thanks very much... ps I'm looking at an Imac Pro vs a high-end Imac
  21. HI Benson, thanks very much for your thoughts. Yes the blue lines are grade limits and are close but not touching. You're quite right that if this occurs you get an error. I use the regular wall tool for all of my retaining walls and then add a retaining wall site modifier to it. I have never had much luck with the landscape wall tool, it doesn't seem ideal for the type of walls I like to depict. I attached an image showing the wall base site modifier, you can see that for some reason when this was created it placed extra lines that can't be removed or edited. I'll have to look into this, thanks Benson.
  22. @Jim Wilson should this post be in the troubleshooting section?
  23. I seem to be having a challenge creating a retaining wall site modifier in a curved wall. My workflow has been: Create a polyline to represent the wall shape based on contour lines. Covert polyline via create object from shape, wall is 6" thick and approx 1.5m high Create retaining wall site modifier For two of the three walls I created, I ended up with some conflicts with the modifier. The modifier seems to create extra lines which end up playing havoc with the site model. I'm not sure if others have found this issue. One of my workarounds has been creating the wall and modifier in another file and then bringing that in. Not 100% effective. There is no way to edit the modifier and remove these extra unwanted lines. Love to find a solution. Last image shows the result of the error.
  24. Thanks very much, Tamsin. I'll check that out.
  25. Hi I see that there is a driving curve tool for VW 2014/15 and I'm wondering if anyone knows of a more current version for 2018/19. Thanks for your feedback.
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