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  1. Hi Ray, How should I post the file? Should I save the drawing so that the view of those boulders is obvious and then post the .vwx file?
  2. Hi Bruce, Yes, thank you for this concise explanation. I think that this will be what I adopt as my way of doing things also. It makes sense to me to separate creation work from the presentation work. Based on an earlier response, I will experiment with fitting the drawing into the "page" space via scaling in order to learn about how it affects line weights. I consider my original question thoroughly answered. Thanks to all who replied for your input.
  3. Thank you Bruce for this reply. In this case, would you say that you rely more on sheet layers than design layers to present your drawings? Thanks,
  4. Thanks Pat for your descriptive reply. I can see that the VW way of working with design and sheet layers is much broader than what was familiar to me in TurboCAD. I will create some test drawings to increase my understanding of them.
  5. Yes, I also remember the depressing days (not so distant) of using TurboCAD 10 (a few iterations back) and having the software crash after 4 hours of intensive drawing only to discover that there was no autosave or backup of any kind. That's when I discovered that TurboCAD could fly like an eagle, but couldn't walk on level ground. Mark
  6. Thanks again, Pat. So simple, yet I didn't think of it and couldn't find any mention of it in the help files. Mark
  7. Hi Ray, Thanks for your reply. I'm used to TurboCAD for Windows and I used a lot of "paper space" for print layout setup. I'm sorry if I seem a little dense, but how do you get the print borders and sheet text that you want, and work with multiple paper sizes and orientations without using a lot of sheet layers? Mark
  8. Thanks Pat, I do see some wisdom in the line weight issue. Do I make my drawing fit the page area by changing the scale? Also, I did update my signature. Thanks for the tip. Mark
  9. I was tracing some boulders on a scan using a bezier curve and then filled the curve with the stock "sand" hatch. That worked fine until I cut and pasted the shapes to another layer. Now the shapes do not display the sand hatch even thought it still shows up in the attributes palette. When I choose a different hatch it shows up just fine. Is it possible I inadvertently erased the content of the sand hatch? Thanks, Mark
  10. Is there a way to step back a point at a time when a mistake is made while drawing a polyline, or any multi-point item? Thanks, Mark
  11. I don't see the point of having this page outline in design space. It would seem that sheet spaces are for scaling the drawing and adding views for print. Also, it seems that dashed lines are based on this page in the design space and so all of my dashed lines look like lines. Is there a useful function for this page? Is there a way to eliminate this page or turn it off? Thanks! Mark
  12. Thanks monkey, I tried the poly smoothing command, but it does not retain the parallel nature of the two sides. Also, I could not find a way to control the radius of the bend, even when setting the "Arc Radius" in the "Obj info" pallet. At this point I will stick with the offset tool. Mark
  13. Thanks jbrhwy, I did check out the tools on this website and may use them or contact the company for a custom tool. Mark
  14. Thanks, The offset tool will work for now. It would be nice to draw a 3D pipe object on a 2D terrain view and then tell it to SendToSurface:-6" depth:10' max radius (for an irrigation line, for example) and then have VW drop to 6" underground. The same could be used for a flex drain pipe, except that we would need to choose a starting depth and then by sections, perhaps, define a slope. Thanks again, Mark
  15. Thank you Pat. That will be helpful. In TurboCAD I was used to drawing multitudes of construction lines to align objects. Mark
  16. Yes! I am used to TurboCAD and I am finding that Landmark is quite different. Thank you! Mark
  17. Sometimes I would like to place a snap a certain x and y distance away from another object. Is there a way to do that? Thanks, Mark
  18. I would like to draw 4" flex drain pipe on my plan. Is there a way to do draw a bezier double line or 2D/3D pipe object? Thanks, Mark
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