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  1. Copy you! Attached here. BLOQ_4000K_4A.ies.zip
  2. Hi Dave, It doesn't look like .ies file types are compatible with this board to post or message, and the file you attached won't open in my v2020. Is there another way I can send this to you? Will look at the RW Camera today. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I am attempting to model some fixtures by a manufacturer using their IES files and finding that the light output in FQRW is highly unrealistic. Fixtures don't read at all until I manually set the lumen output to north of 2500 lumens (the environment being a very small office). The IES contained within has a lumen value of 261, which should read fine in a small environment. I currently have the Emitter in Lighting Options set to around 1,400% based on another thread I looked at, but am hoping there is a way to get more lumen-realistic output with these fixtures set at 100% so that I can provide the manufacturer with renders that even somewhat realistically reflect the actual light output of his fixtures. Any thoughts on how I can work these spotlight fixtures to create renders that are accurate to the actual details of the fixture/IES file and not just dialed in by eye? The biggest reason for this is that the manufacturer and I work remotely from each other and I don't always have the chance to use his new products in real life to get a visual sense of how bright they are in space and would love to rely on the data in the IES. Thank You! Office.vwx
  4. Pat and BCD, Have not had a chance to test these yet but will ASAP on both accounts. Thanks for the input!
  5. Pat, I can see how this would be useful.... I should have mentioned that I currently only have a Spotlight license. That's my bad. Would love to see if there is something within that workspace before buying or renting a new license for one project, but if I gotta, I gotta. Good point about glow texture and single light fixture. Thanks.
  6. It is worth noting that in a perfect world, there is an expectation that these drawings be made into a final acceptable rendering, and would like to embed a render light in each of the pendants to turn on once the final model is set, in the event that this has any influence on anyones ideas. For me at least, it means to some degree that I need to be able to keep all pendents as individual objects or symbols as opposed to just a subdivided or augmented single object acting as a visual representation. Thanks again!
  7. Hello, I have been asked to create some drawings of a rather large OLED pendant chandelier (just north of 2,000 individual pendants) which will be arrange in an organic/waveform type arrangement. Typically with much smaller chandeliers (in the dozens of pendants), it's simple enough to do it manually one at a time. I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the best way to approach this. In the perfect world, it would be to make a flat plane of all the pendants, and use that plane as a subdivision surface or NURBS surface where the center of each pendant is a control point I can adjust along the Z axis, wherein the pendants move with the resultant edited plane, which could then be removed or turned off to reveal the architecture of the chandelier. I may be going about this all wrong, or just not sure how to execute this idea. Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated. The attached photo is simply a reference photo of a much smaller chandelier with a similar arrangement. Thanks!
  8. I opened a drafting created in 12.5 in v2008 and did a lot of edits to it on my work computer. At home I am running v2009 and when I open it Vectorworks crashes while it is "updating plug-in objects" I have resaved the file and exported it as a number of various VW versions. It still opens fine on my work computer and even the files I have saved to my hard-drive open fine. Is there a way to fix this or is this a 2009 bug? Thanks, Z
  9. When I pull lighting symbols from stock, there is no information for most of the fields, (i.e. wattage, instrument type, etc) How can I edit one symbol so that each subsequent time I use that symbol in my plot, all of those fields come filled in? Thanks.
  10. Any instrument that I insert onto a plot into any free space can be assigned a height simply by adjusting the Z-axis measurement, however, the moment it is dragged or inserted onto ANY hang position, I am entirely unable to assign it a height. I go to change the Z-axis measurement, enter it, and it resets it immediately back to 0". I'm sure its some stupid setting somewhere that isn't checked but no one whose looked so far can find anything, so any help would be appreciated. If it makes any difference, I'm currently using the DVD version of the Vectorworks 2008 full package, student edition. Thanks all.
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